Hellfire Longbow

With more helicopters getting spikes and other fire and forget missile options available , when will the US Apache finally get the fire and forget hellfire? Yes a lot of people play US and Soviet tech trees and use their helis but the current hellfires are not really performing like they should. The Vikhr missiles that are available to the Soviet tree at BR 11 are currently the best AGM’s in the game. They can take out surface and airborne targets, while the hellfire can take out helicopters, the Vikhr can take out planes. The longbow hellfire wont be able to take out planes still, but would defiantly give the Apache more survivability against the Type-89 and the pantsir


i totally agree with the addition of longbow to USA since it’s winrate are on the ground and they need something new to stand their grounds against other nations.


I would love SOMETHING. As it stands the US Heli tree is about as capable as the Japanese and Swedish Heli trees (Both Apaches anyways LOL).

The AH-1Z STILL lacks AGM-114K, and the MH-60 is just a reskinned AH-64D without the radar or gun.

We could get Spikes like Israel, IRL the Army has trialed the SPIKE NLOS which IIRC is backwards compatible with other spikes. The AH-1W and AH-64A could both get 2x and 4x Mavericks respectively.

Really, I don’t understand why the AH-64D is in the game. Its a slightly better AH-64A and that’s it. It’s like if they added the F-14 without Phoenixes or if the MiG-23MLD only got R-23s


The radar on top, am i joke to you?

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Radar isn’t very useful without the radar missiles.

The whole point of it IRL is to allow the Apache to do the same thing the Kiowa Warrior does. Sit below cover and have just a tiny little sensor peeking out to fire at targets with.

Not much of an advantage to using the radar when thermals are IMO just much better.

Yes lol

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It wouldnt even make a dent in their win rate. Too many new/bad players.

At this point add the L variant and Brimstone. Just make it so smoke spoofs them and they should be pretty balanced. I would take a-historically nerfed radar hellfires over the K variant any day.

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Yeah it’s well known america lacks CAS and needs this. Atleast maybe they could only give this to japan and maybe britain

Ironically both those nations have better Helos than the US

Britain gets first-spawn starstreaks which work as ATGMs

Japan get AGM-114Ks, the Radar, and ATAS at the same BR the US gets only the YAH-64 with no CMs, AGM-114Bs, and no A2A

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Just because the US has the best cas at every br, doesnt mean it is okay for them to not have the best top tier heli too.

114L is kind of too powerful currently, but US heli do need something, so I stand for SPIKE.

why u hating? USA isn’t the best CAS ingame anymore since russia is getting braindnew missiles, just shut up at this point, USA is in diar need of a new missiles for helis since hellfires are so bad atm.

they can just add it and nerf it later or just give us the same missiles like israel those are good.

duplicate thread, at least try to look if the topic already exists before starting new ones

You mean, spike

didn’t really check devserver but yes those

AGM-114Ls are significantly more powerful than SPIKE ERs.
AGM-114Rs would be nice.
Also as Shini said, this is a duplicate thread.

since the main post is hidden the only thing to go off of is the title it cant be a duplicate since there is no context to the posters post.

I honestly cant tell. Are you being honest? US aircraft are the best at basically every br. Sure some nations might have some good cas but the US just has loads more.