Hellfire Longbow

AGM-114R is still laser guided I belive, but with a multifunctional warhead.
Some source say there are a IR guided Hellfire protype, but no more information.
Besides, 16*IR Hellfire is still overpowered, It’s high pen can easily destroy almost any vehicle, while SPIKE and PARS can’t.

so? spikes rn are everywhere USA deserve some attention too.

The HELLFIRE Romeo missile variant:

  • Is an air-to-surface missile intended to be launched from
    Air Force UAV platforms. It uses a new warhead and a
    semi-active laser seeker to home-in on its target.
  • Will replace the HELLFIRE K2A fragmenting warhead
    variant and supplement the existing HELLFIRE R2
    anti-armor variant currently fielded by the Air Force for
    air-to-surface engagements.
  • Is designed to provide improved lethality against
    combatants within building structures while maintaining
    lethality against non-armored targets

Spikes are not as good as you think. And the US doesnt need to dominate everything.

US gets the most attention too. Or just shy of Russia, depends on the update.

me waiting for brimstone

You will get it when they decide the US needs the longbow.

Britain had their “attention” years ago :)

most attention? like USA gettin the most fat tank ingame with no armor added to it in the past 40 years and USA helis missiles are absolutely shit compared to spikes and vikhr since it can shoot down any moving thing ingame, yes maybe CAS is good but not after this update since every jet ingame got gbus now, so can u tell me how is USA getting the most attention again? cz i can’t see no attention.

and didn’t mention the spaa part cz it’s literally so bad

i just want my GR9A

Have you never played top tier? US dominated top tier air for years. They dominate cas. The abrams is good, not the best.

abrams isn’t good, it’s fat.

Lol. I find it pretty quick personally

so what u saying USA shouldn’t get the longbow?

with higher tier premiums maybe since they sell like its WW3. I think the soviet tech tree gets a lot of love with tanks. The helicopters i think are close but the KA-52 does have advantages. Until recently the su-25 was op with how much damage it could take compared to similar planes at its br. I think there is a lot of nerfing that happens to US tech in the game because more of the modern stuff is classified but still gets added at a lesser capacity because they cant confirm specifics.

USA, Germany, Soviet are the big 3 that get most of the love. with that said, the US does have the worlds largest defense spending in the world which is why we have so many high tech toys

I dont see a big reason for them to get it. I would rather they fix the current hellfires.

nah hellfires are old and bad spikes is the better choice.

change USA with sweden.

lol nice cope just add sweden and make it big 4 lol

add sweden and make USA the 4th in the line.

Sweden gets german tech so… but Itally really getting love with the next update