Helicopters = worst addition to war thunder

No it isn’t.


Yet you have a sub-1.5 KD in it. The 80% win rate is just you getting carried by strong 11.0 USSR teams.

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The fact 7.7s can get shit on by a Walleye dropped from several kilometers out is sickening.
Also, placing a heli with thermals and Hellfires just 0.3 BR above IR-based SPAA that struggle with starter ATGM helis is also a questionable decision to say the least.

There are rumors that the turning rate of MG are the real issue and not the helis …

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I’d be happy if they just got rid of the class, or at least confine them to a heli only mode.

Yes lmao, pls nerf MG traverse speed, no way a commander can flick it that fast lol

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