Helicopters for EC

So, how about just smashing player helicopters into the high tier maps, the aaa is good enough to keep them off the run way, the maps are big enough to take time to traverse and it would really make the ground battles a lot more interesting .

It would also make the ground battles far more intense if you had a wait queue and just let the tankers spawn in for the duration of the battle, tankers would get to play EC, and it would add urgency to the ground battle with real players and helicopters.

Forward helicopter bases could be meaningful bomb targets.

Food for thought and No thank you…No poll required, let’s just have a good natured experiment to see what happens, if we add helicopters to EC, plus you would get some real human data to train those nasty AI… 😉


Or even EC just for helicopters; or sim version of Heli PvE. Anything.


Yeah, I would love to play sim version of heli PVE, maybe even PVP? :O


I think it would be really cool and good change of pace, to be able to switch to a chopper and get into the ground battle after a cool dogfight for the capture point.

It’s really worth a try…maybe just create a test EC and let it run for a bit just to see how it goes and get some feed back

Give the base sentinel some good missiles for campers

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Currently there is no good mode for spading/researching helicopters. Soon we will be able to research helicopters with ground vehicles, which is a great change. But we will still have issues spading helicopters that come without ATGMs etc.

I never tried it when it existed, but since then I have done a few SQB games, and my god some helis are really strong. Ka-50s for example. They can outrange most other helis, meaning you have little to no way of fighting them.

The reason they got rid of the PvP Heli matches is because it was very one sided and they couldnt figure out how to balance it. Until such time we get A LOT more heli options, a PvP mode might not be a good idea

One-sided… no. It’s because helis are not design for PvP situations. Their main purpose is support and recon. Forcing them into a team death match scenario is going to lead to serious power creep and balance issues. Their air capabilities are for defensive reasons.

Heli EC PvP had it’s issues when it first came out on day 1. The first one was the Arcade mechanics that allowed it to do mid-air weapon reloading. That caused an issue with helicopters that had IR missiles to just spam them. Making the AH-1Z the meta king due to it carrying all-aspect AIM-9L. Every other heli was free food for it. At that time, the AIM-9L were strong due to a lack of countermeasures with most entry helis.

While they did disable reloading, it still was an annoying experience. Still doable by taking alternate routes on the map border and fly to the rear to farm ground AI. If you avoid the furballs in the center of the map. You can grind this way with little resistance. Resistance you do face will be running into other utility or early attack helicopters taking the same routes, which is doable since they were similar in weapon capabilities, and BR range. The fights were fair.

The beginning of the end was when the EC-665 Tiger UHT rolled out. The PARIS missile was purely being abused as an air-to-air weapon a lot. Those that fly a Hind or Huey had no chance to evade it, and you got snipe way before you can get into weapon range. When the KA-50 came out, that was the cherry on top that killed the game mode for good.

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Yeah, I didn’t have a heli when they had pvp. But that honestly sounds like an balance issue.

I have been playing for 10 hours today, in grb, trying to get the last 60k rp for the littlebird, now I need 48.890.

I simply refuse to play the PVE, never have I been so close to falling asleep during a game.

Yeah, farming helis sucks. I’d like the Apache on the british line. but slowly grinding there. I dont inherrently dislike the PvE mode, though not denying its a disgrace that was the best the devs could come up with. Eventually I’ll get it, and I’ll flying it on occasion in PvE. Im not one for GRB much, so would rarely get used there. Maybe in the odd SQB match, but for the most part, it would be for my own fun.

I really miss the PVP game of chopper mode.
Sure I hated the Ka-50 and 52 dominance but it only made me more determined to find a way to dodge and creep around the map to get the bots and the occasional 1v1 heli fight!

So much so that I grinded out the entire Brit tree albeit with the G-Lynx and Russian tree WITHOUT the Ka-50 until it finally came on sale on Xbox - by which time I’d completed it!

It was such a good way of strategic map playing getting around the hotspots and sniping positions and RUNNING AWAY!!!

The PVE mode is ok just nowhere near as exciting!
In my opinion all Gaijin needed to do was remove the “Cheat” elements and exploitation of players helping each other out on oppsosing teams…

Heli PvP was kinda fun until the Ka’s were added, you’d have helicopter battles with just the mounted MGs or even trying to hit them with missiles, but no reloading meant you got to kill 4 ground targets and have to RTB for slivers of RP.

Once Ka’s were added you’d just explode on the helipad without ever seeing it and you could never play.

As I fully understand it, the Biggest issue with Heli PvP was that some nations had AGMs with a range of 8km and others 10kms. It was these weapons more often used for A2A than the AAMs. At least that is what I have experienced in SQB.

We have also recently seen changes to the TIALD pod and AGMs on various aircraft to artificially cap the range of AGMs to around 10km (I assume to level the playing field for the new Su-39 and its AGMs)

I wonder if that is they’d need to do the same to fix direct PvP combat in Heli PvP. Just make sure that all helis have the same max range of AGMs. At least for now.

As I have been saying for a long time, we should be able to participate in ASBEC by helicopter.
Although the Ka-50,Ka-52 has been threatened before, I still think that ASBEC is a good playing environment for a casual environment to become familiar with simulator operation.
I am in favor of helicopter participation in aircraft SBEC.
I would also like to know how to deal with helicopters from an aircraft perspective.

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I have been wanting helicopters in simulator mode for a long time now. I’d even be ok if they limited helicopters to dumb rockets only and took away all ATGM’s. I don’t want to PLAY my helicopter in simulator mode, I just want to FLY my helicopter in simulator mode. Flying would be enough, I don’t need to be shoving Vikhr’s up F-14’s afterburners.

But how do we get mods to read this topics and actually implement it… ?

u make a suggestiom thread about it

I have but here is also one but di they actually read and respond to it

How are you going to prevent heli’s hovering near the AF, just outside AAA range, camping and destroying anything that spawns in or takes off?

It was vikhir feeding ground. Atleast till they added the city map, which made other helis more playable

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Base convoys… Also take of from another aorfield and go fightbhim. Spawn in your own helki sneak up amd destroy. It adds realism