Helicopter spawn at the start of match in SB

This ridiculous feature has been here for a long time I know, but has really nobody yet complained how game breaking it is, and how defensless you are in a tank?.. many times I spawn, and enemy helicopter destroys 3-5 of our tanks just like that in 30 seconds from the start of a match…
Can we make a petition or something for the removal of helicopter spawn at the start? I have been playing sim since the beginning and Im also an esport player so I know very well what I am talking about when I say it’s completely dumb game mechanics to be able to spawn a heli right away and destroy defensless tanks that just spawned.




Simply spawn SPAA as first spawn. When i play i check team comp, if noone spawns SPAA i just take my Pantsir and kill the helis. SB is more than RB a team game, where if you simply lack SPAA, someone need to become one.


A better solution is to remove the forward helipad from Sim entirely, and make helicopters start with engines off…the same as every other aircraft in Sim.


The point is that it simply does not make SB a more enjojable gameplay (except for the few heli players) it just ruins the gameplay experience and I think something should be done. If it was up to me I would remove helicopters entirely from SB and RB but like warthog says make them spawn on airfield with engines off would probably be the quickest sort of solution I guess, but they would be still ruining gameplay for the tank players anyhow in my opinion.

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man i cant even do this anymore cus teammates kill you for it lmao

yeah but getting 3-8 free kills is fun (to me(

It doesn’t have anything to do with skill and you just ruin the experience for tank players. Skill was back in the day when you had to use rockets on F86 or something with RP3s and dodge spaa fire, that required lot more skill at least.
In my opinion top tier sim would be better off without helicopters.
Another example we destroyed the whole team and there was only one guy left on the enemy team in helicopter and he destroyed all of us not even playing with a tank, and none of us could do anything about it, just sit on the map and pray the time runs out for points. Its just stupid.


im so forreal.

it is incredibly overpowered, but im fine with them being removed and i would like to just do ground cus that is quite fun in sim too imo

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I thought it was a bug the other night when my Conqueror was wasted by a long range heli missile 30 seconds into the game… Then I noticed the dam things are spawning with tanks at the start😕😒


Turn off their engines at the start and they can only take off 1-2 min later when all tanks are out of the spawn and need to be search.


Don’t expect reason from peope on forum.

Helis are and always will be overpowered and unbalanced in SB. That is why playing tanks there is just a death sentence (And why I stopped playing tanks in higher SB).


I have rolled back to mainly Rank 3 now to avoid them and the Jet Bombers.

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you can spawn in AA as a first vehicle too.

And not play tanks unless You leave that vechicle, great advice!

yes. It is a team game and everyone needs to play a role. And one role, that can’t be ignored is AA/CAP. Otherwise the whole team suffers.


Spawn in fighter too… All the tools are ingame.

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yes, therefore CAP, but Helis don’t have to travel to engagement ranges and start with their engines on.
So not perfect for the early rush

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Want to play a tank? Play something else! Great advice for people wanting to play tanks.

Not to mention that helis have upper hand most of the time ;)

yep but these propositions are on the forum since 2019 . And that is the main problem of SIM . It is the absence of any activity from the devs.

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