Helicopter PvP needs to be brought back

Find me a video of a heli dodging a manpad, with their 10g state. Please do

Most people don’t realise how cracked that thing is with full flaps

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Except now your tank has smoke grenades (flare equiv), a low profile (terrain masking), and carries 4 different types of guns.
They are by no means like tanks.

There was only 1 ATGM in the game that had Fire and Forget when Heli PvP was in rotation, and it absolutely decimated the scene. Hell, I’ve got a friend that has the UHT up at 995 kills and 52 deaths, just by spamming PARS 3s from 8km on City.

It’s also hilariously clear clear that you haven’t used either the hellfires or the vikhrs, as the Hellfires are easily capable of hitting stationary aircraft from 5.5-6km away. Moving targets reduce the hit chance by quite a bit, and that’s entirely equalized by the fact that the Vikhr had its drag almost doubled and can barely hit 200km/h+ targets from 7km without the missiles flying near sideways.
It seems to be corroborated by your stats, too… Your Ka-50 is barely positive, and it looks like every Rank VI+ helicopter you have has done nothing but EC PvE.


I remember people complaining about the 45k repair cost, even though it could easily make 80k with a few kills because of its insane 700% base SL income.

I spaded it recently. You don’t really die often in that thing, the only it problem it has is the universal ju-288c cancer spam that has ruined that whole br range

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So you continued to ignore the rest of the original message, cool.

It can’t because of the Ka-52s DIRCM, maybe 1 in a 100 will fly into it randomly, even the 50s MAWS can spoof it fairly reliably.

Provide an example then

Are you seriously equating Mi-4AV/HKP3C vs AH-1G to AIM-9G/R-60 etc.

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Make it guns and rockets only… and you can’t lock on with a turret.

Maps like City and Pandora for cover and escape.

That would be fun!


Brimstone tier post, friend. As you have said it yourself, Hellfires can ‘‘Hit stationary targets from 5.5-6km away’’ and ‘‘Moving targets reduce that chance by quite a bit’’ (It’s completely independent from player skill and relies completely on missile guidance rng as well). On the Vikhr side, you have said ‘‘Can barely hit 200km/h+ targets from 7 km’’. This sentence alone proves the ultimate superiority of the Vikhr over Hellfire in Helicopter to Helicopter combat, because the Vikhr can oh so ‘‘barely hit’’ targets the Hellfire has no chance in hell to hit.

I have used the Hellfires in over 350 ground realistic battles. I know what they can and can not do, as in, even if the enemy helicopter is idly wiggling at 5 km, it is bound to miss.

And you’re telling me you can ‘‘barely hit’’ helicopters traveling at their top speed at the 7km range? My apologies, Sherlock, but no shit. Funniest thing is the fact that the Vikhr is direct fire, so it can be easily manually led to hit that shot regardless.

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This post screams “Please let me get my PvP Heli mode back so I can do some more seal clubbing with my Ka-50 :(”

This game mode is undoubtedly the worst game mode I have ever played. It was literally designed for Ka-50 by Gaijin, it’s actually sickening.

This game should never have been there in the first place and it definitely shouldn’t be brought back


I can tell by this gem, that the rest of your post is going to be such amazing stuff…

Tell me you’ve never tried to lock an ATAS onto a Ka-52 without actually saying it…

Again: Tell me you’ve never tried to lock an ATAS onto a Ka-52 without actually saying it…

NONE of the other EW systems act like the regular IRCM, with also being immune to IR missiles with IRCCM.

Yeah… this checks out

It would be better… for you in the Ka-52/Mi-28NM

It’s as if people wanted to play the Apaches and Tigers… while not getting smote by Gaijin’s snailtrail carried Gators.
And I cannot verify whether or not the TY-90 can lock onto the Ka-52 since I don’t have it, and probably won’t ever… nor can I take your word for it since you seem to think the ATAS can lock onto a Ka-52…

Gaijin cracks me up because the AGM-114L or R would be imbalanced because they would have a unique capability compared to other helicopters…so it can’t be added
Not like the laser guided Prox fuse ATGM from the only helicopter that can’t be IR locked… nono that’s fine.

Please ignore the entirely Ka-50/52 Heli PvP mode we had to delete.
(Gotta keep them passports from expiring mysteriously.)


How about you stop lying instead ?
The range at which you can lock with those missiles is below 1.0km. You can hear other helicopters from 2.0km away so by the time you can get in range to lock with a Stinger / Mistral, you can be damn sure you’ll be annihilated by the 30mm of the Ka-52 / Mi-28NM.
But you know that. ;)

Anyway, here are 4 clips to show how much balanced IRCCM is on these helicopters and how they definitely can be countered lol :

The guy doesn’t even have flares … Had to use an Hellfire at what is basically point blank range to stop him from wrecking the game.

But hey, there will always be some desperate Russian main to scream about how bad the Russian helis are.


No IR air to air missile can reliably track it. Ive died to stingers fired from the gepard a2 some times but I think it’s due to deadzones

Hellfire R is only used by the 64E that’s why it’s not in game ig. Base vikhr is still overall better than it

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Thanks, I try my best to use humor whenever possible.

I have in both Arcade and Realistic. Love the backhanded comment, though.

As said, already have. Around 3/4 I fire don’t track, as they’re typically fired from about ~3.5km.
None of what other EW systems?

Yeah, it’s absolutely better for me in the Ka-52 when an AIM-9M slams into me from above, and better yet in my Mi-28NM that I don’t play.
Come back when you’re done cherry picking and want to talk about my 5.2 air-air KDR in the AH-64.

It’s as if both the Apaches and Tigers weren’t the issue, but lower tier players complaining that they couldn’t “grind helicopters” effectively… Even after being given free reign to do so in sectioned servers.

Beautiful strawman! I don’t believe anybody said the 114L or 114R would be an imbalance.
The one and only reason why it WOULD be unbalanced is because of its radar guidance, which no other ATGM has but the Khrizantema in a very obscure system… And launched from the air??? No smoke, no speed, no tree coverage, nothing but hard cover (from a top-down view) will stop it from hitting. And… you get 16 of them.
The 114R is perfect, as that’s still SALH. The issue is that the 114, a missile that’s strongpoint is pure explosive mass and top-down capability, is now smaller, lighter, and features… Less explosive mass.
And as said before, the Vikhr isn’t laser guided. Keep making basic mistakes like this shit and people will continue to not take you seriously.

It can easily be locked, it has a chance of not tracking but it’s still well below the stated capabilities IRL. In my time playing both the Ka-52 and the F-16C / Tiger, you can easily lock it within a reasonable range.


Wait, what? What does the Ka-50/52 needs a laser for then (apart from measuring the distance)? And why there’s a time window when you can launch a bunch of missiles, and you’ll lose the guidance on first missile if launch more outside of it? I forgot and need an explanation

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Laser is used for ranging.
And beamriding uses radar, which is why its effective firing is one missile at a time.

Do you not know what it means when the missile locks and the the little red circle just floats off into nowhere immediately? (Means if it’s going to hit, it’s pretty much by accident.) That’s what happens when a missile without IRCCM locks onto any IRCM.

The “IRCM” you’ll find the other top tier helis…?

Send me a replay with timestamps please. I’m curious. (I smell BS, but I’m curious.)

Nobody cares about Heli Arcade… that’s literally the whole point of this thread.

Ah yes, it makes perfect sense for Gaijin to remove the game mode because players couldn’t ‘effectively’ grind in it as opposed to it being so imbalanced that most of the players couldn’t actually PLAY it without getting shot down in their spawn.

I played precisely 4 Heli PvP EC matches, all 4 of which saw me just get shot down over and over and over by Vikhrs shortly after spawning. And I just stopped playing it, for pretty obvious reasons.

And btw: People who were grinding the T5 Helis were grinding up to T6/7 (Apaches/Tigers) where they were gonna get smote by Ka-52s anyways… so why bother?

You’re right, they said “far off balance” instead of imbalance…

(But at least you figured out Gaijin’s reasoning while trying to tell us that nobody said it would be imbalanced…)

You should probably tell Gaijin that so they stop using laser beams to guide the vihkrs to target… it’s making my LWS (Laser Warning System) go off and that’s really annoying.


It’s fun for a while… but like fast food, must be done in strict moderation.


I checked the information, and I’m pretty sure Vikhres are laser-guided. Not like Hellfires, of course, but the guiding system uses lasers to create a cone-shaped guidance field. So it’s basically laser beam riding