Helicopter PvP needs to be brought back

Yeah but it’s boring as hell. That’s the thing

The issue with this is you sacrifice any positional advantage right up until you fly directly underneath them, then it’s a reasonably unfair fight, and there’s still 9.2 kilometers worth of ground to cover between you and any Vikhr carrier and you still have to pray they don’t hit you directly which isn’t hard to do with lead-track compensation. No IR missile will work against a Ka-52/Mi-28NM so you have to fly all the way into gun range, and the Ka-52/Mi-28NM have some of the longest effective range cannons available on a Helicopter.

And this is assuming 1v1, which was extremely rare in Heli PvP EC.

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There has only ever been one Heli vs Heli fight in recorded history so Warthunder are moving into fantasy really in regards to how it would or should play out.Helicopters rarely show themselves when they are engaging land units in many cases.

aviation history - Were there any instances of aerial combat between helicopters? - Aviation Stack Exchange.

Assuming that we could limit Ka-50/52s in using their EW system, they wouldn’t be immune to IR missiles, which should ease things a little bit

I stopped reading here. Calling the Ka-50 slaughter fest that was the heli PVP mode balanced is just delusional.


Not really constructive. You should’ve read till the end. That’s not how discussions done mate

I would rather have them fix PVE so that these stupid ass AI vehicles dont spawn in range to kill you.

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If anything the only time i had fun in Helicopter EC is when it is on a map call “City” and there are no Ka-50/52 or Mi-28NM around.
I’ll give you the reason

1.Only in this map that the Ai targets and objective are very packing in the map and alway spawning around. So everywhere you go . You alway had somethings to shoot at or do. thus can easily gaining RP + SL and there alway plenty more for everyone.
2.The spawn point are close to action / battlefield. So you don’t waste much time flying around. (though this create Spawncamp problem. But can be fix with strong AA protection)
3.Lot of cover from tall building. It is vastly different from fighting in a big open space that you alway had to do.
4.With no Vikhr wielder . People do not have to worry about getting snipe from 5-10km+ constantly. Against ATGM you still can dodge them.

So Helicopter EC can work but need

1. lot of Packing Ai in the map and constantly spawn them in

2.The spawn point need to be close to action / battlefield

3. Separate helicopter BR and lock certain weapon away from the match like Vikhr or AA missiles if need be.

4.More objective to do. (like carry supply from point A to B , Rescue operation , Hunting VIP targets , patrolling , etc )

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That’s the spirit! I like your ideas, yeah, that could be awesome. Especially more objectives. I don’t think we need BR separation though. But disabling Ka-50/52 EW system and locking Vikhres sounds more than rational. If only Gaijin could start working on that…

give apache longbow hellfire then we’ll talk about this

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Let me say some things why this probably won’t work:

Most of the light helicopters don’t have any ways to counter helicopters
For example Lahatut, HKP9A/BO105, etc.
Rank 5 helicopter battles are even worse when you realize their main armament is guns, giving few helicopters big advantages( AH1/Tzefa A, Mi-4av, Hungarian/soviet MI-24D and MI-24A.
Rank 6 will be about Strongest picking on the weakest, before starting to fight each other.
Hellfires will give a massive headache to 9.0~ helicopters. Also Ka50 exists.
Chinese helicopters will also be a hell to counter.
Rank 7 is just gonna be VIKHR users bullying other helicopters. British Apache’s fighting desperately before getting overrun.
Even sorting Helicopters ranks by br will not help. There will always be weak against the strong.


You forget a simple rule: there’s a predator and a prey in EVERY gamemode. GRB, ARB, no difference. This is the essence of fight: to use your strengths against enemy weaknesses. For example, most helis are faster than Mi-4.

As for Lahatut, HKP9A/BO105 etc… You can take ATGMs and shoot down other helis with them. And you’re supermaneuverable comparing to them. BO-105 even has some flares, although, sadly, it can’t take them with ATGMs.

As for Ka-50/52, just take some time and read comments above. Stormwolf7 and I already suggested a solution on how to balance rank 7 sessions

Yeah because helis pull 10Gs on average to dodge manpads

Hellfire buffs have made it so it can hit aircraft within 3-4km, and helicopters out to 7km. It’s entirely possible.

After the Vikhr buffs and the lowering of its burst radius, it’s not something that can be gauged until actual PvP is done with it

And… What? It’s the top tier vehicle for these nations? Thanks for sharing! This is entirely new information to us.

The Ka-52 is by no means immune to them, and the only thing that could defeat the PARS is high speed and flares. Hell, you can still get the 9L (now 9M) from the AH-1Z to track a Ka-52, let alone a Mistral or ATAS.
Incorrectly implemented? How so? Almost every helicopter (AH-64 included) has EW systems that work in almost the exact same way?
They’re still highly maneuverable… The Tiger used to be the king of Heli EC.

Then boo-hoo, it’s Ka-50s / Ka-52s. Again, it’s still heli PVP and a much better and more interactive mode than chasing ground units around a flat empty map from 30km away. Well… It’s a better use of 2 hours, at the very least. You could get at least 600k SL per match without premium and a few boosters, maybe 20-60k RP depending on what you kill and what boosters you may use.
The TY-90 has been perfectly capable of taking down the Ka-52, and it’s happened to me many times. The only time I’ve ever gotten it to lose track is when I flare it directly off the rail.

If you didn’t have the attention span to read the rest of the message and could only read the g-limit portion then you probably won’t have the attention span to also realize that a missile needs to pull more G-s than the defending target to hit it.

Radio guidance, which is slightly better, though now effective range is ~7km against moving targets… If you’re 300km/h+, you’d have to be below <7km to be able to get reliable shots.

It was fixed easily. Two separate servers were made available, those with every helicopter, and those with only Rank V. People still whined and complained, despite having Rank V only servers, and it was eventually removed.

Oh no, you’re telling me that asymmetrical warfare is unbalanced?!?! Who would’ve thunk it!?!

Wait until this guy hears about R-27ER / AIM-7M, R-60 / AIM-9G, and Starstreak / 9M311.

Hell, even the Ta-152H. It can easily outturn even the A7M2, G-56, P-51H, and even the Yak-3U.

As I’ve said, and the changelog clearly mentioned, there were two split servers.
One for low tier helicopters.
One for all helicopters.

The worst thing you could possibly face during that time was an I-TOW or some guy bumrushing with rockets.

Initially they did not do that, they just threw everything into a single game which was a waste of time, and it was already a waste of time for a lot of helicopters bar the American AH, and still continues to be, only having the weapons to kill 2-4 ground targets before having to reload in a lot of the starter helis.