Helicopter countermesures dont work or is it just me?

This isn’t correct. You can definitely pre-flare any of the IR based SAMs currently and they can’t really do anything about it if you’re doing it correctly.

Why? nothing you said previously seemed to actually have any real reason to make the Ozelot not capable of doing this.

the performance of the aim-9X made me seriously doubt its realism

well I do start flaring right when I elevate the heli from cover starting the attack run. reinforced flares and periods: 1 sec, series 2

I don’t get what you mean. The 9X wasn’t the thing that failed. He just had to get too close and got “downed” How does the Ozelot feature here?

the 9X had trouble locking reliably thus (not)allowing the launch. and it ties into the stinger through its IR category

You didn’t say anything about 9X not locking, but this is also an isolated event. You should just look up how many helicopters have been lost to stingers in the past few years including some actual footage of launches/tracking/kills.

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May you explain how you do it?
Pre-flaring for me works unreliably, as it may sometimes work and other times won’t (especially against Iglas, mistrals, and stingers, as well as the type 81’s missile).

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