Heli PvE need drastic changes

Not only you get no RP from it even when you spend 2hr in it. But also it is unfair to any other helicopters you wanna spade. This game in 9.7 Swedish heli (which in my opinion is over tiered as fuck) But in same games im in 11.0/11.3 helicopters. Landing on cap point was bugged because after i cap it and flew back on helipad it didn’t recognize i landed so i couldn’t finish the task. There are also many other things like AI SPAA that will immidietly kill you when you get at 3km from them which make grinding starter helicopter impossible. The long reload of weapons and laggy AI when you hit them on screen but in reality they were far at front.image


It’s just a bad mode that showcases the complete lack of creativity and ambition at Snail HQ.
Take Air EC and just replace the airfields with helipads and call it a day, somehow this was in development for who knows how long.

Fly around a giant empty void, or land on helipads in the void.
Hope objectives don’t spawn directly underneath you, otherwise it’s like 20km away.
Have 2 missiles with 3km range, attempt to kill something, SPAA has longer range than you do so have to wait for other helis to kill them, and then hope there is something left for you to kill.

Gaijin insisting on replacing the SPAA with the fully modeled ones with all the nonsense that comes with that, doing little to no damage.

Try again, maybe get a kill, but out of ammo now so wait for a minute to reload and hope any targets are left, get like 1-2 kills per objective.

In the end get like 15k RP per hour.

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You might not’ve been here to experience what PVP was like.
PVE is innovative & game changing for helicopters.
There needs to be more brackets tho.
SPAA in PVE was always detailed BTW.

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I sincerely hope it is updated, improved, and reimplemented. I really like having a mode where I can just take my heli out and use it. Ground RB does not allow much opportunity to do that. If it wasn’t for this mode I wouldn’t even be interested in helicopters.

In a way it’s better than PvP, at least low tiers have a chance to do something. But it’s still rather trashy, maps too big and too small of a target density kills it hard

PvP was just as impossible to play, and then Ka’s ruined the whole thing.

You can also find my made thread here:

Yeah, I witnessed that a few times.

From my experience, I didn’t see SPAAs having longer range than 3KMs, at least, recent attempts, aside from a few, I think ones firing 40 mm rounds - but these tend to miss a lot.
But yeah, that is true as well.
Or there can be other extreme - you’re the only 1 or just a handful of pilots left, and you have to risk it.

A lot of the ATGMS have a range of 3km as well, if you’re lucky enough to get them unlike Italy or Japan or whatever.

Russia gets 4km ATGMs which is a lot easier, Germany 3.5km

just stop playing it, its a shit game mode and gaijin knows it.