Heli pve low sl reward and high repair cost after update

Alright so, im happy about the sl changes overall, but heli pve suffers after the changes, 100% sl multiplier x on all helis, when most of the time your team leaves, 3 hours to end the match cuz you cant do much about it, 12k repair cost unlike before the update that was around 6k or even less on a fully spaded ah1g, and even if you get a atgm heli you still get sniped by a gepard, you cant even do decent amount of sl per base/convoy or sector to repair your heli once, not really asking for a huge sl % buff, i think at least back at what it was before, id like to hear yall thoughts about it.

I use an Mi-24P HFS-80 and tbh it’s quite annoying how dead accurate the Gepard’s (and Za-35’s) can be at 3km+, next to having to compete with Kamov’s and Apache’s which can engage way earlier than me.

I’m lucky if there’s anything left for me to kill at all… And even then, for 1h-3h’s of playing the RP reward is just way too low… even with 1st on the team I can look at 10k rp, maybe 15k rp, for more I need boosters

These rewards would be great for a 30 minute mission, or maybe an hour, for a 3 hour mission it feels like a slap in the face from Gaijin :/

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Thats skill issue, the Mi 24 is hard to play yes because it needs actual skill to use and gets exhaustimg over the length of a whole match, before the changes gepards already only started engaging u at 3km range.

After the changes this got further nerfed to like 2- 2.5km

U have to use its strengths, ignore convoys u dont have laser tracker and they bug around most of the times engage only if spaa already dead or u are confident.

The Mi 24 can carry a massive payloud of dumb rockets, best is 6 atgms rest rumb rockets like that u can clear field spaa alone then approach reduce coll to 50% amd shoot 1-2 rockets at stationary guns.

Or you use hills to destroy bases loop the rockets over the hills to avoid rolands.

Would i have prefered a brain dead premium like other nations? Yes i would have but it got better, and they wanna make it possible to research helis with tanks which will make it easier

Issue is once the update screwed the missile crowd the Blacksharks fell away. They used to dominate over all nations. Now Little Ivan and Little Jimmy don’t hang around. But the pay out is awesome if you can endure it.

I do think premium cancelling repair should apply to that mode as well. Also other than Gepards appearing next to me after I clear them out I am not sniped by them usually with ATGM choppers.

How is it skill issue if I get screwed over by ZA-35’s from 3km away when they 1: have dead accurate aim (still at 2-3km and I don’t just hover but also move while guiding my ATGM’s). and 2: the hitboxes of the ZA-35’s bug around, sometimes it’s in front of the visual model other times it’s behind or even to the right or left. Literally not a skill issue, I know how to use this heli to it’s strength and do literally everything u say

Sometimes I don’t have a other choice but to try and take out those ZA-35’s if they spawn too close for me to get away

now you specialy talking about convoys, my best tip for thoise with the mi 24 is stay away they are just way to bugged, but fact is the spaa got a good debuff and it is way easier then earlier

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It’s really not. You can get more SL/hour in air RB or ground RB without premium vehicles.
The RP gain in heli EC is a slap in the face, even with premium helicopters + premium time.

Letting us research helicopters with ground vehicles can’t come soon enough. I hope they realise that it will still be torture to research modifications for helicopters though.

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i think they should remove the Rocky Canyon from the lower Br brackets (7.7-9.3) it is just impossible to play in that map at all with those grinding early helis. I hope gaijin does something to this as it will not benefit players grinding using tech tree helis. Most of the time they will leave the game


GE’d the last 100k RP to the UHT and immediately GE’d to the PARS, that solves the problem.

I still need to get used with how to play and position myself in GRB

well… that was unnecesary with the new research update, but u do you

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I did that back in July already. And honestly I couldn’t be bothered to wait any longer for that (went on vacation a week after that, came back a week ago and now I started a job + study so I won’t have time to play much anymore, let alone grinding).

I’ll buy Ka-50 sometime later and use that to grind Ka-52 and Mi-28NM so then I’ll get to experience the changes