HEAT is underperforming

HEAT IRL produced a shockwave effecting the electronics of vehicles.

To implement this in the current stage the crew should be stunned briefly upon impact.

Keeping a historically functional round in this current state is abject failure. It is the singular most glaring fact of Gaijin’s incompetence as a developer.

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Source? I cannot find anything on HEAT rounds effecting electronics specifically. Unless it’s a certain era or version of HEAT rounds? Please explain

Even so, I don’t see a need to change anything. Chances are there are better rounds to use that would outright destroy a target instead of stunning a crew or disturbing electronics.

During the post war period HEAT was used as the primary round for multiple US tanks because it was deemed more effective than trying to outpace armor developments. This proved eventually the wrong course but before composite armor was developed HEAT maintained usefulness.

The need to change from the current modeling is two fold. The current modeling is ahistorical. The current modeling makes certain vehicles less effective than others despite being at the same BR rating.

What vehicles are you referring to? Curious as HEAT rounds are seen in various ones, I wonder if adjusting rounds would effect their br to increase.

Again, where is this mentioned? I would like to read about it

There is nothing about a HEAT round that would cause any disruption to electronics. It’s not an EMP. It’s just a jet of extremely high pressure copper, with a good deal of that pressure being devoted to breaking through the armor.

Even once the jet breaks through, the residual pressure is rapidly disappated the second it hits open air, hence the effectiveness of spaced armor against HEAT. Any shockwave created by a HEAT jet to the interior of a tank would be minimal, especially when compared to something like an APHE round.


There is no need to adjust rounds. The round itself is not modeled correctly. Gaijin’s job is to model things as realistically as possible. Currently they have failed at this task.

Agreed. Lets move on

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As yes. The “very liked” mechanic in WoT. If HEAT will cause a crew stun, then HE would have to. Not very fun game play.

Minimal is relative. 155MM shells produce quite a lot of bang. Minimal can still damage equipment especially early technology which could break just from rough driving. Repeated impact shocks will cause disruption.

Shockwaves are a thing yes.

We already have overpressure as a mechanic how do you think this works?

Gaijin doesn’t want to model electrical equipment at any BR, this is a compromise.

Do they not look like HEAT rounds?

Is English your first language?

He is saying that their models are incorrect because they dont have the WoT arty stun affect

They don’t need the “WoT arty stun effect”. Gaijin has modeled them to have zero post penetration damage. A successful penetration of a HEAT round IRL should destroy a tank. Gaijin hasn’t modeled spall ricochet and this leads low spall rounds to perform very poorly compared to others which generate large amounts of spall. The same exact issue is found across the board for solid shot rounds up until large caliber APDS.

You should start threads with this rather than suggest adding a stun affect.

Gaijin isn’t going to model round ricochet it would cause too many balance issues and be incredibly difficult to model. There is already a system in place that causes a similar thing to crew stun effect, that is the time it takes to replace a dead crew member. I believe Gaijin could find a way to disable control for a period of time similarly without much developer effort.

And you think the stun affect wouldnt have balance issues? It would have to be added for X rounds with over Y tnt filler. This can lead to big issues


Depends of much low/high the tnt amount needed for the stun. Higher caliber spaa could perma stun tanks