Heading parameter in Air SB


Need some help, I am looking for the option to show the heading in the top left of the screen (where all the other parameters are shown, Alt, IAS, power, etc.). I have seen it in several Youtube videos, but can’t find it in the Options or Controls menu.

The only way to navigate in Air Sim Battles is the map or the cockpit compass. The cockpit compass is not useful or clearly visible most of the time. Navigating by out the cockpit on maps with no clearly visible features like a coastline or large river is not easy either.

Was this feature removed at some point or is it hidden somewhere?

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Yes, it used to be there, but seems it was removed sometime in the last year, I’d guess.


Thanks for the reply.

There is a system out there called WTRTI or War Thunder Real Time Information

Used by a lot of youtubers like MatAWG to receive information such as engine thrust, fuel drain, climb rate and much more. There is a setting in there to add heading too and would be an option as something you could look into.

Thank you, but alas, playing on xbox. That option would be out of reach. Guess I will just have to live with it.