He-111 16 bomb release issue and possible Wepon Select problem

He-111-16 50kg x 32
bomb drop- 12 at a time (group)

Single drop key = 1 bomb

Mass drop key = 12 bombs --------- BUT Now they are released in SEQUENTIAL ORDER 1,2,3,4,5, etc.

When I select drop in one group, I expect ( as has always been the case -5 years now) I expect a “Group”

please explain this to me, gently.

You can try to use a key bind to set drop count.
Its named as secondary weapon ripple quantity.
you can use it to drop multiple bombs at once.
if this does not work, then the he-111 must have a drop order i.e. it is an exception.

well, this is all news to me. My He-111 would drop bombs en masse as selected in “bomb Series” (i.e. single twice and 1 group of 12 en masse ) three weeks ago.

And this change was in the Raining Fire Update…2 years ago?

And also why do I have to “hold down” my Secondary Weapon (RMB) to release them, and it then releases too many.

For Example, let’s say the “sweet spot” is “14”
the way it used to work was 2 singles and 1 group of 12 with “Bomb Series Select” set to 12

Now, do I have to press the “2” bomb ripple, 7 times. I may be quick but I can’t do that on one base.

bomb series drops them in a series one after the other.
using secondary weapon ripple quantity (you can press the key again to raise the drop amount) you can drop them instantly. and you wont have to press it repeatedly. Only once.