HAZE everywhere

Anyone else not satisfied with graphics quality of the game in terms of colors and contrast?

My main problems are:

  1. constant haze in almost every match
    Even with clear weather, overhead sun, you see that the contrast just goes down by a white haze with distance. Noticeable even at 200 meter distance!
    Whats strange that this seems to be linear with distance, and it should not.

Very annoying when flying cas, you have the haze unless you look at the ground 50meter under you.
Looking back at old youtube plays it seems that this is a recent problem.
Even with a calibrated OLED screen the haze is there and it looks waaaay too much.

  1. Colors and saturation can be very low in same games. With the sun low over the horizon for example the white haze turns into an orange haze, and its coupled with colors looking soo bad and the contrast being so overblown that your eye start hurting.

Overall I think these problems stem from the game trying to be overly realistic in the visiblity, which is a very bad idea, considering that you render to a screen with limited colorspace. (in real life you have your HDR eye…). These aspects of the game should be seriously revised, it ruins the gameplay.

The in game post-fx settings can be good, Reinhard for example can make daytime maps look much better, but it will make other conditions look horrible. Same for the newly introduced dynamic Lut…
(which I guess is LUT for look up table).


The haze has been there for years and years. That combined with blinding sun straight into your face on other occasions. Try sharpening some things in Post-FX settings. It kinda helped me. I was already writing something like 4 years ago about gaijin smearing Vaseline all over the screen. This screws with your eyesight and I don’t think it’s good in the long run.
Just recently gaijin started screwing with things once again and now I’m getting many very foggy maps with rain in Naval. You can see the text over the ship, but you cannot see the ship itself and you don’t see, if there is a small island with a big mountain in front of it. You are literally staring at a white screen with some red text on it… so dumb.

This is actual game screenshot in Naval:

How about some sun and haze:

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This is nuts:

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Do you have a fix already? I have the same problem since the last update and it’s really annoying. Really destroyes my game experience.


No fix. This is “normal”. This is the kind of realism that does not increase the fun in the game…

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Look at this
Sun high in the sky in the friggin desert.
And fog fog and fog and haze.


That’s how air works. It’s hazy.

here see some real life pictures:

Those pictures have haze in them. You start getting significant haze at ranges of 10 miles (16km) or so (assuming clear skys). Any sort of battlefield smoke or fires would shorten that range a lot. Warthunder’s haze may be a bit extreme, but its important to remember that it’s a video game and they need the haze to hide details miles away. Otherwise you’d need a supercomputer to play the darn thing.

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Thats not at all how computer graphics works :)

Without the haze, you would be able to see details that are far away. Far away details don’t really matter to the player (most of the time), so many games opt for haze or fog to hide the fact that farther distances are rendered at lower qualities. If you didn’t do that, no modern computer would be able to run Warthunder at decent framerates. You can’t have full poly vehicles being rendered miles away, it wastes resources.

So then how does it work when there is zero haze on the maps? LMAO
you see every object until its just 1 pixel.

they still have haze it’s just harder to see. The example in the original post is a metric fuck ton of haze. Also, usually details that are smaller than a pixel would be discarded if the devs of a game are smart.

Honestly, I’m starting to believe that gaijin puts these effects on purpose to annoy, we’re going to put these effects so that people get upset and talk about how annoying it is and so they don’t talk about the thousands of other problems we have…
Seriously, you can see more or less, it’s not a question of that anymore, it’s just that it’s annoying for your vision, when the battle ends it bothers my eyes, in some battles I’ve already chosen not to go out when there’s thick fog, my eyes hurt me. They appreciate it.
Thank you gaijin for adding another useless mechanic to compensate for that infernal sun we had before or that sun that mixed with the nuclear white snow left us blind, as always thinking about the community.

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Gaijin will call it realistic weather.No doubt requested by the player base,the same player base that suggested everything else wrong with the game.

Personally I think weather can give GRB players bit of a respite from CAS and cloud can provide and escape route for CAS from fighters.
Haze can provide cover for advancing armour and bring about two different outcomes on the same map as poor weather is applied or not applied.We used to see rain at one point,where did that go?

The problem with Warthunder is some players want everything levelled out.No cover,no hiding places ,no trees no,bushes, no weather.Soon we will be playing on a featureless platform that looks like Atari Combat from 1981

I am so enraged. I suffer from a rather bad astigmatism and require stong glasses. These foggy and hazy conditions are putting me at a serious disadvantage and all I can do is J out because the whole enemy team surrounded me while I could not see anything. And now I get Crew locked for not wanting to be discriminated for my disability?

You are evil corporate people, Gaijin. Ableist abusers.

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realism, that term that gaijin always brings up when it suits him. In any case, it doesn’t bother me that they put fog, I can see better or worse, I don’t argue, does it give realistic immersion to the game? Well, one thing is realistic immersion and another is ending up with red eyes after a battle.

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I play Xbox and use a big TV.

I played the Berlin map on 4.0BR with the C zone on my left side.
Because of the fog I struggled to see the enemy and really had to focus hard(I wear glasses)
I got five from a fixed position so I assuming it works both ways.They couldnt see me either hence why I stayed there longer than usual without being hit.

I actually like the variation in weather now I am used to it.

I do understand your position and I see no use for crew lock personally as we all have a reason to J-out early and we all know it does your stats no good.

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The insanity keeps going on…

CAS can’t see the target!

Oh no! Anyway.