Hawer Tempest Mk.V BR


Hello, as an avid Hawker Tempest Mk.V pilot, I find that the Tempest Mk.V should be lowered from 6.0 at least 5.7, here are my points as to why it should be changed:

  1. At 6.0-70 bracket it faces planes which it did not historically encounter, and completely outperform it, including jets and post-war airplanes. I think it’s much better suited for 4.7-5.7 than 6.0-7.0. I reckon that the Tempest Mk.II is a better candidate for 6.0-7.0.

  2. Airplanes of the same time period, with comparable performance and their BR’s: Spitfire XIV (5.3), Bf 109 K4 (5.7), Fw 190D9 (5.7), Ta-152H-1 (5.7), P-51D30 (5.3), F4U-4B (5.7), La-7 (5.0), J2M, Ki-83, N1K. You get the idea; I think it’s only fair for the Tempest to be included.

One more unrelated point, would be nice to see a cockpit update for both the Tempest/Typhoon as they did with the Spitfire.

With all this, note that this is only my opinion. Thank you for reading, and hopefully these changes can be implemented.

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Ki-84*, not 83

This is going to be one of those rare threads where I actually agree with the OP.

Performance wise the Tempest Mk.V is nothing to write home about at 6.0 BR. It’s main asset, it’s top speed at low altitude is on par with the P-51 D-30 at low altitudes, and it takes a much harder hit as it gains altitude. It’s actually slower than the Bf.109 K-4 at any altitude above 2000m…and the top speed difference is only appreciably different at sea level.

Maneuverability wise it’s also not particularly good. The best thing that I can say about it is that it’s predictable and easy to fly in Sim.

It’s climb rate and acceleration at altitude are also pretty bad in comparison to other 6.0 fighters. It takes a massive hit in the acceleration department as it climbs as well.

Overall at 6.0, you have a plane that ends up feeling pretty outclassed and mediocre; especially if you compare to meta-mobile planes like the Yak-3U that couple the low altitude top speed with a massive turn rate, acceleration, and climb rate advantage.

BR wise the Tempest Mk.V would be a very good 5.3 plane, or at least an average plane if it was tiered at 5.7. The only reason to not put it at 5.3 BR is because on down tier days it might be a little over powered and Britain already has obnoxious hit + run planes in form of Mb.5 and Wyvern.


Thanks man. Also I see you a lot in SB matches flying the F7F, don’t know if you recognize me but, you’re a pretty good pilot, nice seeing you here.

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I’m going to go slightly against the grain here and say it’s “ok” at 6.0 although if it went down slightly it wouldn’t be a massive upset. The Tempest is FAST and retains energy like a monster, I was in a game last night and off memory went 4:0 against jets (caught the game at the end).

Compared to German aircraft it’s superior to the 109G10 in the most important regards (speed, high speed roll rate and energy retention) and I’d say on par with the K4 depending on the altitude.

Plus at the altitudes we fight at the Tempest absolutely munches on 190D’s. Only the Ta-152 is a potential problem.

That said if we could have the Typhoon 1b/l at 4.7 seeing as they’ve removed the damn early premium Typhoon 1b it wouldn’t go amiss.

I think that is more of a side effect that early jets are kind of a dead battle rating range that is not populated by experienced players. For instance on my PlayStation account I am 35-1 in the Me-262, and the only death that I have is from disconnecting. And that isn’t from doing anything cheesy like playing uber-cautiously or dragging people to my airfield…that is just from playing the game.

Against the Bf.109 K-4, it is slightly slower on paper but about the same speed once it gets there. But the acceleration, especially at altitude, is abysmal. The climb rate is also extremely mediocre with a calculated time to climb of around 5:30 to reach 6000m; the Bf.109 K-4 reaches the same altitude a full minute faster, and once it is there it accelerates much better and is also faster.

All of the Bf.109s have noticable advantages in climb rate, turn rate, and acceleration. And those advantages combined with reasonably high top speeds can give even a good Tempest V player a hard time.

I agree its to high, i just aced my typhoon which is great, then started playing on tempest which i have all ready spaded and tbh i think its rubbish, definitely not worthy of the BR jump considering its performance compared to typhoon. I thought the tempest was going to be fast but you need to wep all the time. Also is it the case that the tracers in the belts are usless.

The only good i think it has is got is roll, definitely not a super prop

I think it belong at 5.3

No way is this plane out performing sea fury FB 11, which i have just spaded. Need to be equal or below this. In ARB its ranked to high