Have you played GRB with out CAS being spawned. POLL

Simple question. Have you ever played a match and no player spawned a plane or helicopter. Please stay on topic and be honest

  • Yes, I have played without planes in a match
  • No, I have not played a match with out planes
  • I dont know

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I play as USSR at 8.7 in ground rb, and I play without planes as russia don’t have very good CAS options in my personal opinion around my BR.

Does not stop USA or another nation your playing against

You always see CAS from nations like USA and Israel, rest not so much.

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Why does this matter? CAS is awesome. It makes the war aspect more realistic as well.


I usually play 10.0 to 11.3 US but i dont bring any jets. Drones are enough.

CAS is boring


I get that, battlefield is so small compared to ARB

I used a plane in GRB like 25-30 times. I have almost 18k matches and I dont like to play with planes in ground realistic battles. Even in simulator mode i only use Tanks and SPAA´s. In general i dont play with planes. Sorry but I like ground vehicles not air vehicles and because some trolls in the forum says “oh use planes in GRB if you want to stop them bombing you” im not going to play with planes because they say it, because i like ground vehicles and not air like i said. And that´s why i see fair having separated game modes for ground and air (air already have one) and leave SB like “Combined Forces” battles with the realism of the cameras view, with no ally marks and everything


Reaping large amounts of SL is fun to me, but that is just an opinion.

It’s honest work, if you focus on targets that are giving teammates a hard time. Feels even better when you save your friend from certain death with a well placed bomb/agm

True but I like to use Drone as it doesn’t require any repair cost. Most of the time long range cas isnt possible due to fog. You are almost forced to bring rocket pods. Which makes you a easy target unless you have su25 or anything like that.
F-5E is quite good at CAS. It’s agility helps it to evade missiles.

I simply get myself a “destroy enemy aircraft” task for grb and the planes go away.

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speak for yourself, I love flying my planes in GRB

Whenever I want to play SPAA lol


Almost every game I play has some form of CAS. Doesn’t mean every one is an expert F-16C and kills the entire team.

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It would be necessary to be more exact with the question. For example, I have played games without anyone using airplanes, but that was in games about five or six years ago, as far as now is concerned, you could say that there are airplanes in 98 % of the games I have played in the last one or two years, and in the last seven months there would be 70% of the games in which there are already planes three minutes into the game, and all this talking about the planes in the team On the contrary, because if it is airplanes on my team that percentage would also increase.

That depends what results your looking for. I think what your after is how many matchies had x amount spawn a CAS, only gaijin could provide that info

I was telling you this because the question should be if you have played a game in which there were airplanes in this last year, because I have been playing since the game started, and the first years of the GF you did not usually see much per game, but since this The last year I started playing the game seriously after leaving it for a long time is when I have seen that the games have been filled with planes, practically in all of them you can see more than three or four per team, and spam from planes to the few minutes of departure, something that did not happen a few years ago.

I know what your saying but i did not think about putting a time scale in the question. Thinking about it there are not that many old players on the forum since the forum change, and also WT was planes before tanks so i am guessing it will even out