Have War Thunder Lost its roots? Did modern vehicles ruin this game?

That’s what I call picking and pulling(not nitpicking wrong wording on my part).
So let me simplify it.

Potential Consumer->See deceptive advertising ->Joins game->does arcade to learn the game and play->Want jets and MBTs ->does RB->goes into it assuming its similar to AB->Keeps trying and dies->Decides to buy MBT and Jet fighters->most of the time still struggling->eventually decides->bombing ground targets was a better decision->Does this->The player never learns and remains as nothing more than easy cannon fodder pickings. However, this is where there are 2 paths.
Someone comes by->Teaches them->They become experienced->They teach someone else.
However, the more likely case->No one does->Rinse and repeat buying premiums->ground targets.

This is how Gaijin keeps players dumb, while War Thunder players even when we bicker and bud heads try to steer folks to get better.

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You can’t teach those who don’t want to learn.

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No- we must advance further, even into the future! I want halo scorpions, and SBY Saruba S-VI Type Heavy Tanks! I want X-wings and Cosmo Falcons, and Starfuries!


Sadly the core gameplay for ground hasn’t evolved at all since its introduction and with all the fast moving tanks rushing to spawncamp, stale gameplay and dominance from air it just leaves toxic gameplay in my opinion!
Remember attack drones?
We still have small crap maps for modern warfare, combined with game modes like conquest it gets boring fast…
Personally I find myself playing less and less and havent renewed my premium account for the past 4-5 months for many years.

I wish Gaijin would think new and be a bit innovative with what they already have, because I think WT could be so much better.
EC like naval or heli for combined arms with dynamic objectives would be awesome imo. Heck, with big enough maps you couod even put in naval to the mix as well!

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Wrong. There is EC for Naval available from time to time, like I said. There is no SIM for Naval, but AB and RB EC. I don’t play SIM.

Who cares if you don’t play sim?

You said it isn’t always availabe, without clarification what gamemodes you were talking about. Helicopter EC in AB and Air SB are always available.

So without clarification your statement was untrue.

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But if the vehicles that appeal to you happen to be mid or lower tier, be prepared to be labelled a seal clubber…