Have War Thunder Lost its roots? Did modern vehicles ruin this game?

As someone who’s deeply passionate about the rich history of World War II and the Cold War, delving into the intricacies of Sweden’s role in those tumultuous times has been and always will be a deeply enriching experience for me.


When I first picked up the game, it was like stepping into a time machine, immersing myself in the challenges and triumphs of that era. Even though I started my journey with the USA on my trusty Ps4 jet engine, my heart was always drawn to the stories of bravery and innovation from Sweden’s past. seeing as i was born near the Tank museum here in Sweden,

However, as time went on and modern vehicles began to creep into the game, I couldn’t shake off the feeling that something precious was slipping away. The addition of the Swedish Tech tree was initially exciting, but it quickly became apparent that the game was losing its historical authenticity and charm. Instead of reliving the struggles of World War II and the tense standoffs of the Cold War, I found myself lost in a sea of repetitive gameplay and disconnected narratives.

This brings me to a crossroads, where I can’t help but wonder: Have these modern vehicles tarnished the essence of what made this game so special to me and countless others? Should Gaijin Entertainment pivot away from the rich tapestry of history and embrace the allure of the newest jets and technologies?

As I reflect on the current state of the game, I can’t help but feel a pang of sadness. It’s not just about the gameplay; it’s about the stories, the memories, and the sense of connection to the past that made this experience so meaningful to me. I fear that Gaijin Entertainment may have lost sight of the roots that made the game a beacon of historical immersion and storytelling.

My hope is that by sharing these thoughts and sentiments, we can ignite a conversation that leads to a renaissance of sorts—a return to the core values that made this game a masterpiece in the first place. After all, it’s not just about the battles we fight; it’s about the stories we tell and the history we honor with each virtual skirmish.

So players on the forum tell me what do you think?


Not in the slightest. More options is always better; play the vehicles that appeal to you, don’t play those that don’t.




I don’t feel that kind of connection to this game. It still is just as good as the first day I started it. Though I feel it’s way better now that I am more established and have vehicles I like.
I’m patiently waiting for the Swedish Navy to arrive.


I don’t feel like War Thunder has “lost its roots” per se and I don’t think modern vehicles have ruined it, but I do feel like the game is neglecting a big part of those roots. Modern vehicles are cool and all, I’m fine seeing more of them, but the ratio of modern vehicles to WWII vehicles in recent patches is just so high that I kind of dislike it. Given the amount of vehicles we get per patch, I think a good ratio would be 30-40% WWII vehicles per patch. Of course I’d love to see more, but 30-40% feels like a realistic number given that pushing the game to be more modern is what sells.


Right now it’s 2 WW2 vehicles to a poop ton of mid to late cold war era vehicles.


I first started back in 2015, lost my xbox account and started the same year I lost it, which was I believe 2019? At any rate, I agree. It has come a long way. But I do not believe that war thunder itself has lost its roots, as it is a vehicle combat game it needs to evolve to the ever changing battlefield that is warfare, and that is what It has done, Losing your roots is something call of duty has done, (the store is a gacha game and completely lost its identity of being a gritty action game) But not us; We are still a vehicle combat game adding newer and improved vehicles. I do agree and understand the point you are trying to make however, a vehicle combat game evolves with the time as the vehicles themselves did.


I agree to an extent. The game does need to evolve, but its evolution has come at the cost of continuing to expand the section it started with. It doesn’t necessarily come with that cost, this could be fixed, but it has ended up coming with that cost and I think that’s really sad.

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Agree. The evolution has been hindered in the past by (some extent) of greed, (last years economy changes that were rolled back) but I truly believe that its evolution is a good thing that was caused by the rapid expansion of the player base, perhaps?


What are you talking about? Those economy changes were garbage and got replaced by the way better roadmap with a bunch of actually good econ changes.

And those research bonuses for minor nations are coming next patch.

That’s what I’m talking about, the economy changes that were rolled back, the economy changes themselves were bad, hence my statement about the greed, and hence why I said they were rolled back

I think currently War Thunder is the most immersive it’s ever been.
I’ve always sought after war games simulation and War Thunder gave it. Initially with arcade only, then with realistic battles as they abandoned historical reenactment battles.

Gaijin ultimately makes the maximum rules for each vehicle for the BR they are, but I can at anytime participate in war games set up by players with their own rules.

Also @I_eat_abrams
Those reverted economy changes were based on player feedback.
So no, it wasn’t greed. It was a misunderstanding that led to a huge backlash on the forums and now we have an even better system for it.
I should know as my feedback was part of the bad economy changes. I misjudged what my fellow players wanted as much as Gaijin misjudged what players wanted.


No they didn’t.

Older implementations of ww2 stuff was done far worse than the new vehicles. Radars, missiles and so on work fine. While most ww2 tanks are still poorly implemented. Around the time helicopters were added there was a drastic increase in effort gaijin put into new implentations. An effort i wish they had made for tanks… But they never put as much effort into them.

So no WT was way worse back in the day. Bombers with infinite ammo that were abused (still are but no longer to that extend). The quality of the game has improved. And you can stil play the ww2 Equipment.

The only thing that i really miss are the regular historical games in sb. Like historical EC, or the old chronicle events. Other than that, WT can still be played the old way.

There is no reason why you can’t have both.

Btw: you started in 2020. So you only know the upwards cycle. Not the declining quality from 2014-2018.

What you remember of war thunder aren’t it’s roots, you were half a decade too late to witness the roots of War Thunder.

Hell you didn’t even take enough time to play war thunder in it’s purest form, there are so many aspects you don’t even know. So much depth uncharted.
You are missing out…

I agree.

I am no longer excited about new patches and updates because there is very little added that I will ever play or even face. The most exciting updates for me are BR changes and eco updates because they actually affect me instead of adding the next newest jet or MBT.


You can still play low and mid tier and not care about modern stuff…

i started on Playstation in 2017 or 2018. since i didnt know at the time how to just continue using my PS4 account on PC i created a new one… its a shame too had a few good vehicles in the USA tree

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thats kind of what im doing, or i just spend my days going into mission editor with any prop or early jet, and do cover bombers mission or intercept. That has been my “happy zone” if you can call it that. I just wish they could make the AI better, And expand the amount of aircraft available since I cant be pitted against Any soviet bomber except the IL-28


While I do appreciate the advancements in top-tier gameplay, but my heart truly lies with the World War II to Cold War eras. The influx of modern weaponry, characterized by its digital nature and constant situational awareness, such as drones and magnification pods on aircraft, has fundamentally altered the dynamics of the game. It’s become increasingly challenging to employ stealth and strategy when the gameplay revolves around stationary, long-range engagements across cramped maps.

The transition to modern vehicles exacerbates this disinterest, as the game pits vehicles designed for long-range combat against each other in close-quarters battles. This often devolves into corner camping, where victory is determined by reflexes like CS:GO sniper gameplay rather than strategic prowess.

I believe ww2-Coldwar era vehicle combat allows for more room of error where both you and your opponents have obvious weak spots and strengths. Take this example: Churchill IV vs Panzer IV. Churchill will likely win on the open ground and the area with a single choke point, where as the Panzer IV will win in mobility and achieve more success with flanking manoeuvres. then if you add a Crusader or Cromwell to the mix and a Tiger to the opposite you achieve tactical likeness.

Pz IV + Tiger H1
Cromwell I or Crusader III + Churchill IV

This situation has more strategic equality with both teams sporting different strengths and weaknesses.

Anyway ignore my rambling hehe


Well, roots are not lost only because a tree grows… = )

What I mean with that is that, yes, WT has developed and reached far into the modern times, but that hasn’t diminished its WW2 heritage and one could still play the game in early tiers and enjoy it, if not interested in more modern stuff.

I find especially this freedom Gaijin uses by constantly adding stuff on all levels and going into the future is a special appeal of the game, and truly unique.

This has disadvantages and challenges (e.g. challenge of balancing WW2 and post war tech), to be sure, and every player will have his/her topics he/she doesn’t agree with (myself included), but all in all it has grown into quite a tree, and I’m enjoying all its branches, leaves and flowers that sprout.

The occasional patches of dead leaves, fungal infections or whatever are not diminishing that for me. = )


Yes, wt lost its root somewhere in 2018/19