Have a look at Hungarian tiger everyone

If theoretically French army used Abrams with such modification made by them, then yes you can call it French.

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Ok, but none of what you said is relevant to the Hungarian Tiger. I don’t know about all of this top tier stuff and that controversy about what data is accurate or not.

All I am saying is that the Hungarian Tiger is a good addition. It is Italy’s first heavy, a very unique and interesting addition, and something few people knew about. It absolutely was needed, and I think it should have been researchable.


That’s not what I’m saying. I never said that the Hungarian Tiger is somehow entirely Hungarian and has nothing to do with Germany. I’m simply saying the German Tiger shouldn’t get all of the German and Hungarian features/modifications. It should only get the German ones. It would make no sense to stick the Hungarian ones onto the German Tiger as well. He was suggesting for the German Tiger to get the smoke grenades (found on the German Tiger), APCR rounds (found on the German Tiger), and the Hungarian track armour layout (found only on the Hungarian Tiger). That mix and match makes no sense.

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Least annoying german main

You better buy in then

with a high tier italian tanker profile icon? i highly doubt. he just hates innovative fakery attached only to a single nation. if nobody got their fantasy, locked in a bunker, bottom of the lake, dismantled just before allies arrived, they had a receipt for it, the crew from this nation trained on it, it was almost ready but got bombed type of tanks, nor should japan. and that’s something the german mains here attacking the hungarian tiger don’t get, if they did they should be breaking down the door of japanese part of the forums in riot.


Tiger shouldnt be german exclusive, Sherman is everywhere so theres really no point to making Tiger rare when many nations owned it.

tiger players are still tiger players, you can still insta ko it with the tride and true methods, an extra 16mm of track does… surprisingly little

but they’re german and soviet players so they have no clue how to aim
it’s such an ironic thing to complain about too, Germany has consistently gotten better stuff from other nations, sometimes at lower BRs, than other nations.

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t-34-85 does work and heat exists so yknow

“owned it” and not “used it” eh? LOL
again i’m tired of repeating the same paragraph for ppl who get it but wants to save their face and ego so they play less intelligent, like you here comparing shermans and tigers.
even then i agree with you, whoever got a hold of a tiger can have it in their tree, tiger 1 for GB USSR tiger 2 for US SW, but not japan because they never had one.

Premium tiger with 15mm of extra frontal armor? Absolutely unacceptable, the essence of whats wrong with this game (it went to italy)

Premium tiger with 102mm extra frontal armor and an electric transmission, premium tiger 2 with a more powerful engine that was never actually fitted in a tiger 2? No issue tee hee


Japan bought a Tiger, thats the same as owning one, it as crewed by japanese officers, you just really hate the Japanese which is a trend nowadays to hate Japan for no reason.

the only trend going around at the moment is people being illogical and failing to correctly answer 2+2. having a receipt doesn’t mean you have the thing until it’s shipped to you specially when it never got to you in hindsight. i know it’s hard for you and others defending this bad decision of gaijin but facts are stacked against you and simply if japanese tree was added today there wouldn’t be a japanese tiger in it. compared to me you have barely spent more time in japanese vehicles yourself. have whatever flawed logic that helps you sleep at night but that doesn’t make you right. fake receipt tiger defenders deez dayz smh

I’ve seen the same dislike towards the Japanese tree crop up when the old German WW2 prototypes get brought up. The idea that thinner trees have different standards then fully populated trees seems totally foreign to some people. German Mains.

And as someone playing the French 8’s I feel obligated to bring up that the DF105 is still Germany only in response to the complaints about an Italian Tiger.

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The Hungarian Tiger is fine because its just a tiger. The problem is they are just gonna spam German vehicles in Italy tree after adding the kf 41.

To settle the matter once and for all, we need a Discord leak of Secret Hungarian Documents from 1944.

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If you are refering to the tiger 1 p, it has critical weakspots that you conveniently left out in your comment. Cheeks of the hull front and cupola both can be penned by the 75mm American gun. They are easy to take care of. I was just worried about the balance of the tank since it now is more tanky against the guns it faces, tho I don’t face it much so I haven’t had issue. I don’t know why everyone thinks 15mm of armour is nothing, it was already shown it can mean the difference between life or death. Armour is armour.

Japan owned the tank, and Germany even promised to return the tank, we have all the documents. “Compared to me” Brother you are not a WT Vet, you think braindead takes on the forums that 90% of people will shit you for are valid.

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