Have a look at Hungarian tiger everyone

What can I say? Now this.is an excellent example of pure p2w.


I would say I’m surprised, but this is Gaijin we’re talking about.

Nevermind the best Leopard 2, Germany doesn’t even get the best Tiger :D


It is in game? I thought we won’t get it this update

What’s the BR?


Italy getting such a good SPAA is something unthinkable


I heavily dislike this. Too be honest, adding track armour wouldn’t be an issue if the German tiger 1E also got a modification for it. But it didn’t. So right now its flat out better than the German one, and this isn’t a small change. The normal tiger 1 was already almost impenetrable when angled firing the American 76mm or Soviet 85mm at it. But there was always somewhere you could pen, it alternated between the UFP and the lower section of the side armour (its only 62mm). NOW tho, with the added armour, you can reduce the angle, making the side more effective and still bounce the two respective guns. Now if Gajin REALLY wanted to add a unique tiger 1 (something that I am against too but that’s besides the point) with added track armour in the UFP, why not add the Tiger 1H with added armour and move it to 6.0. Now there are trade offs to picking this purposed tiger 1, either you get better turret protection with the E model, or get better hull armour with the purposed Tiger 1H model. They decompressed the the TIger 1, after seeing was overperforming ONLY to add a BETTER tiger at the same br.


What? So now we have Tiger vs Tiger battles on War Thunder? We really are going back to the 80s. Two identical tanks fighting each other.

Is it a small change? Does that added track actually do anything except add weight? I always saw it as just cosmetic really.

What do others say?

P2w? The forum users have been going on about the Hungarian tiger for years so whose fault is it that we all have to endure it now?

“Italy must have a heavy tank in WW2.” Well now you have got one.


Omg, it has more tracks, it’s OP!


30mm armor. isn’t it enough?

It’s not about Italian tiger. It’s about those tracks.

What do you expect from these people at this point? Germany has gotten shafted to the bone, I feel bad making fun of them anymore.

Better variants of your own vehicles at other trees
Artificially nerfed armor

Go figure

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what do you mean? the only heavy tank in italian tree being premium or the add on track armor?
if you mean the only heavy tank being premium i can understand and even agree a little bit. but regarding the add on track armor they have recreated a hungarian tiger track armor set up during ww2.

it’s not only NOT p2w it’s an excellent example of attention to detail and care for your craft. therefore your argument is immensely wrong. p2w or even pay to exist is the fantasy in game japanese tiger that should be removed due to non-existence-ness, let’s not go there.


The Stockholm Syndrome is strong with this one…

What’s that SPAA?

30mm extra right where it counts.

A handfull of Italian mains anyway…

You just aim for the side cheek of center hull.

Germany has a premium Tiger with 200mm frontal armour at 5.7.


Tracks? Are you serious? It can help in some situations, but it isn’t something which drastically improves the armor, especially at br where Tiger sits (btw it isn’t 30 mm, but ≈15 mm of RHA). On the other hand this premium doesn’t have smoke grenades, which is a fair tradeoff (or even worse), it is a similar situation to German (has tracks armor and sideskirts) and Italian StuGs (has smokes), even though at lower br tracks bring way more difference.

PS imo having such differences is nice for similar tech in different TTs.
German mains as always make a problem from nothing.