Have a look at Hungarian tiger everyone

German mains are really annoying, like this Ruthless95 guy he and people like him are also complaining about the new Hungarian Tiger, they think the Tiger should be Germany only…when that logic just doesnt work, because then we can just remove Soviet tanks from all trees but USSR, imagine what happens to China then, and if we applied the same logic to Shermans and made them US only…these are the people ruining war Thunder, like this forum here complaining that some tracks make the Hungarian Tiger P2W…like bro just shoot the lower side armour like weve been doing for the last 10 years?


The Italian Tiger is there to help with the grind, and honestly its a great vehicle, its there for grinding and being fun, same as any other premium, only issue to certain people is its a Tiger, which the rest of the playerbase has no issue with though, its just a VERY SMALL vocal minority being annoying


Post like this and guys like Ruthless didn’t help with “German Main” stereotype.

I’m not vet, but in 2 years of my playtime, every time a tree other than GER gets their vehicle GER Mains start tantrum.
I never seen something like this with US or any of “minor” nations machines. Did anyone notice that current best USSR battleship is Italian? Noone cried that Grippen is in British tree or French DB-7. I haven’t seen French lamenting about Pz.Sp.Wg.P204(f) KwK.
Also every addition to Italian TT is accused of being OP/broken while most times IT is at best good, usualy just mid with gimmick that is fun to use, so this is just norm at the moment.


even if hungarian tiger wasnt added, the italian tiger couldve been added, because iirc there was once an italian crew using them, so complaining wouldnt help a lot lol


Which is redundant anyway in AB since all nations are mixed up (Ruthless is a pure AB player, for context). I don’t see the problem other than some odd nation-bias in terms of AB.

And in RB the more Tigers the better.


At least with the inferior Japan model you don’t HAVE to be stuck with wonky German-lead teams (talking all Germany bar a couple of other players, maybe just one). It is how you find out many players do not know how to use theirs, extra track armour will not save those particular players. This was pre-6.0 but it was how I found out just how effective Tigers can be in a full uptier, whereby I would usually pick the Tiger over the 76 Sherman.


And EVERYONE forgets that when GF started they had to make up THREE pure fantasy vehicles (as they are displayed in game, blah blah Panther II existed but not as we have it, we know…) to keep ONE nation relevant.

So to make the early part of WT GF work (as in when it was added), to appease Germany due to lack of post-WWII designs as they lost the war, completely made up vehicles (as in no other counterpart in existence) were included. Just a note that the early days of WT GF were NOT historical when they hit that later BR area (to compete with the only other nation at the time, USSR, before US GF added then UK).

Never been historical, still with remnants of trying to make nations a bit more competitive when played (Heavy Tank No.6 - but movement to MP only was just a cash grab. One of my favourite vehicles in game but locked behind rarity for newer players which sucks). Yes it is not a “legit” vehicle but Japan needed something, and it got “removed” from general aquisition YEARS ago. I doubt the low level players rushing Germany would not have wanted the inferior model themselves (was same BR as the E but with mortar launchers still attached, no smoke, no APCR). It was essentially “removed”, just like the Maus and its three fake counterparts (context of the German vehicles “removed” but replaced with supposedly less egregious vehicles on Gaijin’s terms).

For history buffs, WT NEVER had accurate battles, so expecting it from this game of over 10 years to suddenly have your particular theory on how history should play out is completely backwards. And some nations will have to understand that they stopped making tanks when others continued and the balance of performance by players allows this to work while ignoring the much harsher realities of vehicles facing “historical” foes (which WT is not fully marketed as… I guess… since i never played the game due to “marketing”; adverts are adverts and to be taken with a pinch of salt… unless you are some sort of drone!).

Italy needed a Heavy tank, Gaijin did the Gaijin thing and wacked it behind a paywall just like the Heavy No 6 (was originally, GE only).

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And he complain about having to aim into small parts of tanks? Like arcade didn’t have included weakspot Finder? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Thank you, this info makes my day :D

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Oh god an AB player…


More a case of in AB it is mixed so you face your “own” vehicles anyway, so why worry about a close axis nation having an option like this.

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the fact that this argument about a single vehicle is still going on is sad, Italy has no heavies to speak of and the moment they get one someone has to complain, i just look at it as i now have a new vehicle to A. add to my collection and B. fuck around in arcade with it


I guess the Hungarians were smart enough, historically, to place the tracks in these spots…



Least delusional German main moment