Has something changed with the forum? Can no longer view "flagged" content

Hi, all.

I’ve noticed a change in the forums starting yesterday. I can no longer view content that’s been flagged by the community. Previously, the flagged content would be hidden, but there would be a button/link to view the flagged content anyhow. But that option doesn’t appear to exist anymore.

Has something changed?


Something has, I was going to bring it up at some point. A couple days ago the site was down for maintenance, so that’s probably when it changed.

It is not good because people can flag others comments for no reason, and then no one can see that users comment, even if it was helpful.


I hate this change. Please revert


It’s not a great change overall. While a lot of hidden posts do deserve it, it’s far too easy for “the hive mind” to just delete opposing views this way.

It’s odd, this forum in its previous (far better, but that’s a separate topic) incarnation infamously had effectively zero “negative feedback” abilities (unlike downvotes on reddit, for example). Thus, the “confused face” emoji became the de facto “downvote”, but that’s all there was; all other reactions were positive.

This new forum has shifted even further in this direction, with nothing but generic “Likes” (which for some bizarre reason are public), and no negative reactions whatsoever.

But then in contrast to all this… the general community is given the power to literally delete other people’s comments? …what!?


It’s a super sad change. I wish we could still view hidden posts. Especially as a CH I found it super useful.

Another, much more mildly irritating change that I noticed is that there’s now this black box around these titles and on the blue backgrounds it’s super distracting.

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I agree - often “hidden content” was obviously something quite reasonable that someone had taken an unreasonable dislike to!


Please revert! It’s too easy for people to have multiple accounts and flag you just to grief. Most hidden content isn’t even offensive.

This gives the trolls too much power.


The updated forum seems to conflict with the translation function of edge, causing the webpage to be unable to refresh and locate read articles properly


same as google’s


Does he also conflict with Google’s translation?

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I was specifically reading flagged comments as they were the most based. Similar to most downvoted on reddit xD. Sad times…

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Who else here thinks that this is just another way for Gaijin to silence unpopular opinions without actually removing them by themselves, making the posters think its another poster doing it.


I liked being able to view the the hidden posts for entertainment purposes. Its another reason to even visit to the forum.


E-Zoo could be fun

I hope that it’s not intentional, because if yes, then it would the dumbest thing Gaijin has ever done to the forums since removing signatures and custom profile pictures (besides moving from the old forum to this forum from Wish)…
Let’s hear what our “link” to devs has to say about this…

I see a yellow box (I’m using the dark mode). Hurts the eyes quite a lot, just like a punch in your face…


Ofc its intentional, the same way they removed the profile pictures.


Whelp, I was hoping it was a gremlin in the forum code or something, but it certainly seems like this is an intentional change that’s impacting all users. Very unfortunate, to say the least.

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The whole Idea of flagging somebody you don’t like, disagree with or who killed you in last nights game etc makes this forum a joke unfortunately.

Gaijin of course responded by making it worse as only they can currently.
You cant even see the OP to a post now just the response.

Maybe we should all just like a banned post for the hell of it and make the forum even more of a pointless shambles than it already is.

The forum is getting as bad as the game of late and for the same reasons.