Has something changed with the forum? Can no longer view "flagged" content

Flaming dumpster fire change.
Par for the course.
Should add a social credit score next.


i guess the hive mind won…

soon you get good boy points

Do I get more good boy points for reporting dissenting forum neighbours to big brother?


Snitches get stitches! LOL :)

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You aren’t a real forum member without owning one of these


and end up in ditches . . . .


Where I’m from they’re called . . . “Atta boys” . . . . … ☻

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This outbreak of humour will not be tolerated!

Honestly it feels like another suppression of things we don’t like change.

Feel like I’ll get another ban for saying it.

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This haha

LOL that’s exactly the name that came to mind. This thread is gold.

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I’m sure the most humourless man in online forum ,moderating history will be along to close it all down soon enough!

I got a bad feelin about this …

2/3 of the active players are about to get banned from this thread. Only the Russian mains will remain 🤣🤜


I will ban myself … because I cannot take part in a forum where such things can be done. I took myself back after the recent flag attack on me but now this is over …


I was tempted to flag that post for a laugh ;)

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Let’s make a flag pact. It will be the War Thunder Bushido Code of Flagging.

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My god, I want to flag this soooo bad now.
And I got flagged.

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Flagging is for sensitive people to not be able to see things they don’t like.

That is why it is much easier for people to talk about things that they know nothing about on forum rather than it real life, no one can prove them wrong


Noticed how light the mood has been on this forum just lately since certain people have been absent (or maybe I just put everybody on ignore), even having some laughs on the forum which is unheard of. About the time the mood lightened a bit :)