Has anyone else encountered bug, where plane gets reloaded wrong?

RB GF 7.7
I got my F-80C-10 damaged, so that one wing was missing.
Managed to land it on airfield and after reload, it showed 2 bombs. Once the repair was done, it loaded 3.
My actual loadout is 4 x 1000 lbs.

try making a bug report but i think the game saw your wing missing and didn’t reload that part of the wings bomb.

I did try to make one.
Only hope remains, it will get reviewed in a year or few.

I did experience it a few times. So did my friends. No prior damage to the aircraft.

I never make it back to base so never had the issue, but this seems like it should get a bit of priority to get fixed.

When plane lands with one wing, it reloads 3 instead of 4 bombs // Gaijin.net // Issues

If someone else feels “affected” , do please go and press the button.