Has anyone asked about allowing using backups in EC?

I don’t think I’ve seen any posts about it, but it sounds good to be able to do that.

Back-ups exist in gamemodes like GRB or NRB where you get 1 life per vehicle, unless you use a back-up.

You still have to pay for repairs costs if you die twice in teh same vehicle, you just get the option for a second spawn.

In SB you can spawn as many times as you like ,it just costs each time. So “back-ups” just arent needed.

Why not allowing using as many backups as we have in EC? I would love to reduce spawn cost by using backups.

Yeah, it could have that functionality in SB I suppose. Though I think i’d prefer them to just adjust repair costs further. Like removing first spawns SL costs and increasing the rewards for certain actions

Well that’s a bit different topic. My point is, the repair cost is not so much different between air EC and those modes you can actually use backups for aircrafts, but it would make the backups a lot more useful if we can use in EC.

True. They arent of any use in SB currently, could add some functionality for them. I just hope they dont increase the repair costs for when you dont have a back-up. But yeah, its not a bad idea

It’s not a bad idea; EC is always a pain where you must invest a ton of SL. As @Morvran said, removing first-time SL spawn and making backups reduce spawn cost (or even outright removing it; it’s hard to think Gaijin will apply this) or maybe give them one free spawn per backup per session or something. I play predominantly SB, and I have hundreds of backups because they are not used in SB.

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I almost never play RB ( the land of the labels ), therefore I have a massive number of backups that I never will use. I will go to the grave not having used 99% of the backups that I have, as I play simulator 99% of the time. Therefore, these backups are of zero utility to me. Backups working for simulator would be a very welcome revision.

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Yeah, there is certainly value for it. I tend to use mine in NRB, though I always get more than I use up.

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On a side note - it would be cool if there was a version of naval battles where combat was conducted exclusively from a view of 1st person. This would require significant alterations, however it would be quite interesting I believe.

It could be, I think to begin with ,we’d need some more “view modes” first and let them mature before adding a full NSB mode.

Though would love to see Naval EC become a permanent thing and not a weekend event and even if NSB remained third person, could be interesting dealing with friendly fire, national matchmaking and no markers. Dagnerous but fun.

I can only hold my nose with third person for so long. WT probably is not going to be the place where one will encounter realistic naval combat as one would experience in real life.
Fair points - now it is time to silence my growling stomach.

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How do you actually lose money in EC?

I think there needs to be some Budget Advice section or something to try and help peopel out in saving up for that next vehicle, and to stop people being so tight that they can’t actually do anything without worry.

Always save up a mil +, it’s just better not worrying about the repairs at all.

(I didn’t think about the accumulated ‘income’ that is coming from the EC match, but not there until the end of the match, but that’s also something to make sure you save up for before joining.)

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I would love to use some of my 1000 backups in SB as a “free” spawn (or something).

Or let me convert these things to RP or SL all these backups, orders and wagers are completely useless to me for my play style (of choice)

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