Hardiest jet to fly Britain's Hunter F.1

Anyone here goid with hunter f.1 because i think it has to be the hardest British jet to fly. I try very hard to keep it above 800/ 900 kph but it wont climb at that speed, if i side climb there is all ways something faster, game is plagued with f-104’s. What am i to do with it?

I tried a new approach and that is to climb right away from take off, i have been waiting to get to 900kph before pulling up

dont play the hunters they are a whole be higher than they should be. the Canberra and buccaneers are more satisfying to play

All of britian is held up with damage buffs, fake realistic gaijin. Only have to compare dates of service with what it is put up against

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agreed, the vampire is at 8.0 fighting mig 17s in its frequent uptiers. the vampire first flew in September 1943, the mig 17 in 1950. hell the lightning first flew in 1954 and sees stuff from the 70s

Only have to look at spitfires. Upto mk5 they were irl just racing planes with guns put on them, yet in WT they are slow. IRL ery unstable because of there speed. Hurricane shot more planes down than spits. Even the russians lease lend hurricanes and buried them so not to pay for them

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I don’t know what the problem is?

10min fuel, 10-12° climb towards far left base (eg Vietnam/Sinai) and at base you are at 5k…so what?

Sure it’s not the best plane at htis BR, but it’s solid.

I got my head around it now, ill try your way

The Hunters have always been wierd on the TT. Never flew the F1 much, but have played the FGA9 and F6. They are ultimately a bit over BRed, but its also a compression issue, they are mostly gun fighters at BRs where AAMs start to take dominance. When they were new though, they were meta

I also find the ADENs tricky to use due to their low muzzle velocity. You have to lead far more than you do for most guns and it takes time to re-learn the muscle memory.

Though the new fuel selection system does make me want to dust them off in ARB. 3 mins was never enough but 13 mins is enough for a long sortie in SB with light fuel management and WAY too much for ARB. So finding the minimum amount of fuel needed for an average ARB match would give you quite an advantage.

Its a shame though, Hunters are beautiful aircraft and a somewhat neglected airframe in WT. F1 is probably in need of 8.7 these days, but they all need some love


Accelerate to 700-800kph and climb around there. You’ll struggle with how you just described.

Ironically the best Hunter is the german one. ^^

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in war thunder they get put against planes built later in the war to the mark of spitfire so it makes sense for it to lose out on speed, however its aerobatic capability keeps it firmly on top speed isn’t the only factor if you can position yourself to bleed your opponent of speed and what little advantages they had

Yeah… The Hunter Britain was asking for, for YEARS.

Fuel load may of been half my problem. I spaded the hunter and thought this is not that great, went back to swif t, lightning then back to hunter and forgot what i was doing. But for a plane that relise on speed it does not have enough at its BR or not anymore

Early spitfires were not particularly fast comparted to 109’s, and do you have a source for them being unstable?

Most a/c of the era could only reach the nominal top speed in a very limited altitude range nd not for very long due damage from over-stressing the engine!

Only during the early war - because there were many more Hurricanes than Spitfires!

Soviets also got LL Spitfires - but they found them too similar looking to 109’s and there were some friendly fire incidents. So they took them back from the front lines and used them for strategic defence rather than in the tactical airforces.

And pretty much everyone buried equipment at the end of the war, or pushed it into the sea, to avoid paying for it!

yeah, energy management is a big part of playing a Hunter and yeah… It sucks trying to catch the supersonics at that BR. The Hunter F6 use to be 10.3 and it sucked

Its common knowledge the hurricane is a more stable gun platform, from where i am from

I think the Hurricanes were considered more stable/forgiving gun platforms and typically you’d “graduate” from a Hurricane to a spitfire after so many sorties. Additionally Hurricanes were typically sent after the bombers whilst the Spitfires dealt with the escorts. This was in part because the Hurricanes had the 12 guns vs the Spitfires 8 or 4+2 and I think the Hispanos werent very reliable early on.


I am british and worked in the industry

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Yes but that is not the same as the Spitfire being UNSTABLE.

No - you were in a Spitfire sqn or a Hurricane sqn, and you flew that type unless you were posted to a squadron with different equipment, or your whole squadron changed equipment.

That was a plan during the BoB - sometimes it might almost have worked

It had nothing to do with that - the Spitfires had better performance than the Hurris so were considered a better match for the 109’s. There were no 12 gun Hurricanes in the BoB - production of them started in February 1941. There was only 1 Sqn of experimental cannon-equipped Spitfires - 19 Sqn IIRC

Irrelevant appeal from authority.