Gun damage is a little ridiculous right now

Yesterday I took out a French 1.0 plane and also experienced a lot of wing cutting with the 4 LMGs.
I can understand this happening against Bi-Planes but against He 112 or Bf 109s it doesn’t make sense.

I also tested against bots. I’m not sure whether it’s damage from the Incendiary rounds or just the AP but when I used the tracer belt that just contains IT rounds, I was also able to cut the wings of planes and even sawed of the wing of a Fw 200.

It seems it’s just a general issue with damage to structural parts. 20mm Hispano AP will also blacks out a wing and some months ago I also noticed how IL-2 23mm API will break off wings and tails from AI planes.

Tails seem to be more resistant. 20mm AP will turn a wing area black but a tail section orange and from 20mm HE tests it generally takes twice the rounds to break a tail over a wing.

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If I remember correctly, you have a SAP round in your .50 caliber belt, or in other words, a big spaghetti with HE filler. That will shred anything that it hits.

It’s just an ordinary explosive round and no, that will not shred anything it hits or every nation would have just loaded nothing but 12.7mm explosive rounds to attack aircraft.

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I’ll look into the special rounds, I’m pretty sure only Italy gets that type of rounds in their 50. cal

meanwhile le me just critting with the guns that one hit blow me up

it’s all RNG.

Yeah its a HEI round, you’re right.

But, what nation gets HEI rounds in their 12.7 mm belts, besides Italy?

Russia, Japan, Germany, Sweden.

I thought germans only got IAI in their 13.2mm?

So? It’s a shell that explodes on impact. It’s just a different in-game designation.

Gaijin used to call:
Explosive LMG bullets → AI
Explosive HMG bullet → IAI
Explosive cannon shells HE, HEI, HEF, HEFI, FI

Even the animation for AI and IAI imply just explosive damage, even though they literally have Incendiary in the name.

Don’t even try to find any logic in their designation, they are all over the place.
British Hispano HEI is called HEI while the same shell in the US tree is calle HEF-I.
Same deal with ammo between air and ground vehicles.

Swede 13.2mm still best HMG tho…

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It isn’t a big Spaghetti and it doesn’t have anywhere near enough HE to be dissecting aircraft as rugged as IL2’s or P-47’s in short bursts.

I’m hoping they’re only reverting to this really simple damage model until maybe they can refine Realshatter and bring it back.

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HE damage as a whole is crazy. I should not be cleaving wings off with a short burst of 20mm, regardless of the cannon or shell. I should be turning the covering materiel black, severing control cables and puncturing fuel tanks, but not blowing the wing off. Its even more ridiculous if I do it to something like a B-29 or Lincon. And even with larger caliber guns, blowing the wing clean off at the root seems very sketchy