Ground targets getting harder to destroy from air with bomber

Lately in the lowest tier, the ground targets became harder to destroy from the air with bombers. The scenarios are now the one that where commun in the higher tiers. More and more tanks replace most of the time the units that could be destroyed with small bombs. I don’t know the reasons for that.
I liked to do that in that game. Now it is less worthed, consumes too much time for a small fraction of the results.
It is like the BR adjustments, work on a plane so it will be performing and suddenly it moves up. It is as having the carpet pull off from under your feet. But I understand that. It is rare and not too much.
But when most of the ground targets becomes too resistant it is as having the floor pull off.
I am surprised that nobody talked about it yet . Am I outdated ? Or Warthunder is not a game for me anymore?


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In my case, I have noticed increased difficulty in destroying ground targets in some matches, mostly seen with attackers (like HS-129, JU-87 G), for example:

In Sicily map, on axis side, there are 2 columns of medium tanks advancing on to the axis defensive positions.
Now these columns are made of of matilda tanks, which, seems like old damage model - you hit it with a 30mm+ HVAP round almost anywhere, and they get destroyed.

Meanwhile in other scenarios, there are shermans and Panzer 3s with the new (Like Ground battles) damage model (You even see the hit indicator camera) - which means that one basically has to hit the tank in the right spot, taking out crew/ammo racks, otherwise the vehicle just gets a damaged engine/track damage for a while, and after some repairs, goes on it’s way.

They replaced all the simple models with the fully modeled ones over time so now you can waste on your ammo on optics, tracks and other nonsense and earn even less, as that is their goal.

When I bomb ground targets I go low, like really low… even 50kg bombs will do the trick, 1 bomb for light vehicles, 2-3 for medium tanks, 4 for pillboxes, I usually get good results.

Yep it’s sad to see what low tier AB has become. No more fun with bombing ground targets, maps to big, all the fast paced action gone away.

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Well, at least it’s a practice useful for ground battles, with few ounces of realism added.

Bombers in general are in an odd place in air battles.
Attackers are in a slightly better position, as they can at least try to dogfight or boom & zoom or otherwise engage fighters, but still awkward.

I mean it just results in fewer kills and thus lower rewards and a worse economy in both SL and RP and people won’t even realize it.

Bomber are become useless almost in AB/RB when you got fighers first that shot your down before reaching targets. I only manage destroy 4 artilery/AA before shot down. Playing bomber is now become suicide mission always against fighter planes that two br up.

I would like to further add both the german ducks are struggling now in Air arcade and Air realistic. If you are LUCKY to get the right B.R. The ground vehicles do die sometimes, two or three hits with the 75mm. But if you’re uptiered (which is 90% of the time) the bullets seem to ricochet, critical damage but never kill any.

Kind of annoying as the ducks are really slow and easy targets for any one who looks at them.

I’ve tried ground target ammunition and the armored vehicle HVAP rounds. The weird thing is I’ve taken the 75mm duck out in ground realistic and the bullets work on most tanks. but try it in Air realistic or Air arcade on Ai ground tanks and they bounce 60-90% of the time. What is going on!?

Tried them in realistic battles. the 37mm one can kil… but not enough ammo to do much and takes too many rounds in realistic to kill 1 tank. the 75mm one works well in realistic for ground tanks but in AB no still bad.