Ground simulator helicopter problem

there is a horrible issue with helis in ground sim. especially eastern. every game is a first spawn chinese or russian heli that kills most the team and then leaves after one death. it is ridiculous, especially in one br bracket where western gets not as good of an spaa as the tunguska, against a horde of helis. it’s awful and ruins ground sim.


And NATO heli being untouchable in one sim as China and russians have no proxy round SPAA,only ZSU-37-2 and there is Bo 105 outranging every one of them, while US have York and VEAK that just rapes every Mi-24D russians spawn?

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if you see the VEAK or Sgt. York firing then you move slightly to the side, it misses all rounds.

the B0105 is premium, the Mi and Z11 aren’t, the Z11 is quite literally a starter heli.

even then, the fact that a heli can insta spawn with a full load simply isn’t right. they’re broken.

oh and also i said mainly eastern i didnt say nato helis weren’t good. eastern are just a lot better.

edit: The Z-19E is 10.3 in sim, it can insta spawn with EIGHT undodgeable unflareable air to air missiles WITH EIGHT air to ground missiles. it has a further zoom than the KA52 and the Mi-28, (thermals also, unlike the Ka50) it also has a CRAZY good airframe.

you can spawn it instantly, and if you somehow die, you can spawn it again. it is near unkillable.


You dont see the rounds from VEAK or M247. And they literally outrange your missles. Z-19E is 11.3 even in sim,and you can flare off TY-90s,also it is not in this particular sim. Heli as first spawn in sim is only cause you cant earn SP. So you take one heli,die and then all you can spawn is single tank and then you can leave the game. Z-19 is good only at killing planes,its very lacking against tanks with AKD-9s being slower than Hellfires and 6km range facing atleast 8 km range missle SPAA.

I hope you’re joking…

The QN506 has lock on missiles that shoots down every chopper in the middle bracket.

Gunshipping is impossible due to you getting blown out of the air by a modern weapon system.
We’re talking vietnam era helicopters against lock-on SAMs. There is NO counterplay to that.

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Not many people have QN or play it. And even then, NATO helis literally blown up every tank with no oppossition before adding of QN. Also,that missle is easily dodgable. All you need to do is not stand still at one place like dummy but slightly move and it wont hit. The tanks are still very unbalanced and in favor of NATO with things like Centauro 105 vs ZTZ88

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I dont think I’ve ever played a game after the addition of the QN506 where I haven’t been shot down in my AH-1G, there is no standing still there.

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WZ305 and QN506 exist. Just cause the Chinese tree isn’t as overplayed as the USSR tree doesn’t mean there are no options. The MiG-17 is also by far the best fighter in the bracket.

Edit: BMD-4 and BMP-3 with autotracker also boosts their missile accuracy against helicopters.

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And thats only if they refuse to take evasive action. The QN506’s missiles also aren’t very effective at close ranges. And the vehicle is otherwise quite shit so no one wants to play them. It’s not fun to wait 15 minutes for one helicopter to appear and then shoot your missile at it and someone else shoots that heli down. It is rather boring to scan the sky for that long, too.

When you say there is no counter play, this is just not true. You have to maneuver.

I have the QN506.


I mean today’s sim bracket is the one where Sweden gets access to the CV 90105 and the US get the AGS but the communists are stuck with Type 88’s and one T-64A lmao.

But yes aircraft in sim mixed battles are obscenely strong.

BS they are mostly quite right. Except large bombers with bombsights and helicopters.

In SB tanks are the ridiculous ones.

The small aimed missiles are actually more effective against helicopters as they don’t suffer from terrible modeling and are over twice as fast, the downside is that you need to have clear line of sight.

Yeah, any spaa that can only fire missles if you lock them can’t do anything agains helicopters, they will just hover over a mountin and peak. Also, they can launch missles from 8 km, but you can only lock them from 3,5 km. This is unfair. I can’t do anything with my type 81, even if I spawn it first.
Helicopters should be removed from ground SIM, or not been able to span as first vehicle.


Natoboys when they don’t have tonnes of op vehicles:

Gun them down in an airplane.

While i agree that helicopters beingnalmost invisible to PD radars isn’t realistic and jeeds to be changed. Swatting them with an M61 Vulcan fly swatter is still very viable.

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You’re getting missiles in your face like that if they know about your presence.


Most of them don’t know how anything but autohover and sitting in gumner view.
They are easy targets.

Helicopter ir missiles aren’t any different to defend against as other ir missiles.

High tier SPAA is far more Dangerous.

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It is amusing to see players complaining about Z-19E and QN506, especially since the QN506 only works half as well as intended compared to its real-life counterparts; all it has is a functional missile that is effective at shooting down helicopters from a long distance and shooting at ground vehicles is a gamble; everything else, in my opinion, is subpar, at least in the matches it is used in. For as long as I can recall, BO-105 and EC-665 Tiger UHT have been slaughtering the opposition team with almost impunity before the Z-19E and QN506 were introduced, and barely anyone has complained about it.


The KA-50 in sim might not only be the best handling helicopter in the game, but most maneuverable and easiest to target. Dare I say best in the game, however, it handles like a dream when controlling using a stick, the BO-105 helicopters are good, but not comparable to the KA-50, as they are a different role of helicopter, utility vs attack. As for SPAAG’s, I play Sweden, and I cannot confirm this, as even using the ItPsV 90 at higher BR’s is still very usable.


i’m tired of my spaa being outranged by Z-19Es and KA50s

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