Ground RB rewards

I’ve gotten really sick of the ground RB rewards. Basically i’d like gaijin to raise the rp multiplier because even with 148% rp rewards and 14 kills you’ll only get a pathetic two and a half thousand. Tell me if im wrong but that just isn’t acceptable.

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2,500 what?

2500 rp ofc

Was that not one of the complaints which was raised. That there was a mechanic present that capped rp after a certain amount of kills?

What was the br by the way?

148% is somewhere around 4.7


The RP gain for ground vehicles and helicopters is awfully slow. Hopefully they have the RP economy update coming soon.


I hope so too. In most trees i’m past GFAB BR 9.0, the amount of RP needed per modification and to unlock a vehicle isn’t fun. and the higher up you go the less effective you are stock.