[Ground RB] Planes starting from the airfields

Isn’t it a good idea for planes to appear in the airfield instead of directly in the air? Just like in Air RB

As a Pro-CAS player, yeah i’d have no issue with this. Helis already start on an AF, I dont overly see the harm in it, with the exception of spawn campers. So in return i’d hope we’d get AF AA actually functional again, even if its just short range (say 1-2km) and maybe some form of spawn protection, even if its just 5-10 seconds.

Yeah, as a CAS main I cant really see any real argument against it to be honest. Also would give a bit longer for tanks to move around before being revenge bombed so the revenge bomber loses their position, which is beneficial to tankers.

The AF AA does work in GRB. Its not as potent as ARB, so yes you may get to strafe them on the AF before they get off the ground, but you wont be surviving the attempt. At least in props (havent tried jets where the AF uses missiles)

I mean the only issue I can find is basically just heavy bombers having to hate themselves for a couple of minutes but honestly heavy bombers aren’t exactly viable either

At high tier, it does no damage. A heli for example can hover directly above an enemy heli AF and take no damage for example. Like wise you can quite happily fly into an enemy AF not seem to take any damage.

The biggest issue with this idea is its vulnerability to spawncamping; however, mitigation efforts to that have been thought out.

It’s not unheard of.

Oh heliports dont do damage yeah, and I am fully on board with the close heliport not doing any. (The far one should be lethal though)

Im pretty sure the jet airfield still has the rolands like in ARB, though I havent actually tried fighting over an airfield in jet tier GRB before so im not sure how lethal they are.

I chased a drone (last guy alive) in a heli towards the AF, whilst I didnt get that close, it was firing at me and flak at least wasnt doing anything, whether Rolands would have fired at me if I had gotten closer (game ended) I dont know, but I dont think i’ve ever seen rolands fire.

Yeah I cant comment on jet BRs but I know the prop BR AA works, seen many people get munched by it and also have gotten whacked myself a couple times trying to chase that kill in GRB lol.

Maybe just short range then. Either way, All AI controlled SPAA needs some work and GRB AFs need to be included

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