Ground RB bug give's massive advantage

just had a game on European province and I had no tree’s or foliage spawn in meaning I could literally see across the map with no issues and see where most people where.

Hello! Could you please goto this link // Issues and create a new bug report? We will need additional info from you there, such as replay files, game logs, and other relevant files. You can come back to this post and reply to me with your report link.

Thanks! O7

Also bro another thing I am not sure it’s it was intentional, in third person view you will see some type of vegetation, but when you use your binoculars or gunner sight then that particular type of vegetation disappears. Not game-breaking but it seems odd.

yer i know about that but this was just weird no tree or anything just the building’s

That is an option in your settings. You can disable grass from your gunner sight.

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all done I believe… I think

Just updating this forum post, report was submitted to devs, thanks again.

I dont thinkmit includes trees

He said vegetation so I assumed grass. My bad.