Ground Forces gamemode discussion


As other topics are being created to talk about specific things, I would like to invite everyone to discuss things connected to the gamemode as a whole (B.R. spread, maps etc.) in this topic in order not to create much offtopic in other topics.

I would like this topic to stay civil as much as it can. If You have different opinion about something please provide examples (screanshoots, links to server replay, your own videos) in order to make sure that everyone can understand what You mean.

Have a nice day and game.


2.3, 5.7, and 7.7 are the most compressed.

Why do You think that?

2.3 is forced to face unpennable [except to Sweden] non-TD vehicles such as Shermans.
Decompression here would prove favorable, while offering a fairer start for WT players.

5.7 is rather obvious, M4A3 & Panther being the same BR. There should be a .3 difference IMO in Sherman’s favor.

7.7 is probably the most complicated.
8.7 you get the lolpen crowd.
Maus, IS-4M, Conqueror and T32E1 all get lol-penned by APFSDS that was introduced passed the 1960s.
Meanwhile they’re facing HEATFS [which they should be a lot of the time] from 7.0 - 8.3.
Decompressing MBTs at 7.7 would give heavy tanks breathing room without becoming OP.
I’m not saying move everything 8.7 & beyond by a massive amount, a 0.3 uptick could be all that’s needed.
Light tanks are probably mostly fine around this BR, but maybe could use a bit of raising.

You mean the sherman with a small amount of side armor and slow as hell turret traverse? Aren’t there any TD that can pen them?

Shermans have stabilizer, use them.

Larger spawn points and more spawn points. Especially on the larger maps. It would mitigate spawn killing. Make the start of matches more dynamic and reduce the effectiveness of CAS/increase the effectiveness of SPAA


The biggest reduce of the effectiveness of CAS would be the possibility to leave Your ground unit on the spawn without the death penalty.

Do you mean, having the ability to leave your tank, jump into a plane and then return to your tank afterwards?

We don’t need the ‘return’ option. Just give tankers something like air users have on airfield. The chance to leave the vechicle in order to get in other one without ‘death’ penalty (tank can still cost SP to spawn again)

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Ah, yeah that could be good.

Though if you leave a plane, you leave the game. You dont get multiple spawns, at least in RB

In Ground RB when You leave the plane, You are able to spawn in it again (if You have enough SP) or other vechicles (without the death penalty). Same should apply to tanks.

Yeah, that could be interesting, providing though it wasnt a way to exploit it to repair

M4A3 (76) is perfectly fine at 5.7.

Great mobility (on par with T-34-85, superior acceleration but limited top speed), stabilizer, .50 cal, reload, post penetration damage, and enough penetration to go through most if not all 5.7 tanks frontally.


I’d take a Sherman over a Panther D in a city map any day, and at 2.3, there’s a lot that can pen a Sherman frontally - Russian 57mm, Marder, etc.

Problem is that normally u are on movement and sherman at least some of them have low speed stabilization gun

For anyone playing the game and having problem with bombing tanks, You should never do something similar to this:

First, anyone can understand what You are doing, second I didn’t even have to do much as the bombs wouldn’t do any damage to me.

In order to do a proper bombing, You should try placing a bomb as near of the enemy tank as possible:

Then no matter what bombs (this ones are 100kg), they are going to kill the target or heavily crit it. I’m not the best pilot myself but seeing someone bombing like that to later tell that bombs don’t work only amuses me.

Won’t it be easier just to fly the aircraft into the tank and release the bombs just before impact?? My 1.0 British plane has a 1000lb bomb and a 500 SL repair so cheap kill.

I still want to see better SL and RP rewards for capping. (I’d rather it didn’t do that much for spawn points)

I’d also like to see some love for those players that UNcap a zone!

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Agreed there, you’ve gone to this effort to get to a zone, you’ve put yourself in the most dangerous place on the map, your reward. Next to nothing. Usually more worthwhile to just ignore the bases. Lost a game today, because our entire team rushed their spawn instead of capping bases. Tried to get them, but everytime I capped one, another was re-captured.

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The M4A3 is fine at 5.7 but the Panthers should move up.