Ground forces, bombers and fighter distances

In ground, when selecting a bomber, tell me the math behind the distance between the bomber/rocket assault and the chasing fighter(s). I can guarantee you that if pick a bomber and there’s a chasing fighter it will instantly be in range (0.7km) and its only if they are really rubbish or I can get them to ram me that I can last more than 3 seconds. However, if I pick a chasing fighter I’ll spawn at least 1.4km behind the bomber and in most cases be unable to get in range before its dropped its payload.
I ain’t whinging cause I know it will happen every time, but I just want to know how the “Gaijin WT brain” determines the distances.

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You gotta be prepared to make evasive manueveurs while aiming your bomb…

This is Arcade.

I know that, not what I asked. I have gotten pretty good at getting them to fly past me or ram me so I can actually get a plane kill and drop a bomb.

There isn’t any except Gaiin deciding who’s gonna have an advantage. But I would also add that you only notice the times when it gives you a disadvantage, like getting the interceptors spawning closer to your bomber/attacker or when you spawn your fighter too far and unable to stop CAS.

I wonder if you play Arcade with that answer of yours.

CAS mechanic is a complete manipulation of balance in every match, it doesn’t matter much to make evasive maneuvers when Gaijin spawns the interceptors at 0.5km and flying faster than you

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I do at times because I use it when my daily tasks hit a good option.

The terms that everyone comes up with when they try validate a problem… ‘manipulation’…

If they’re that close, it doesn’t take a rocket professor to see you need to start dodging and weaving.

Must be very rare for you to miss how broken the CAS mechanic is in Ground Arcade.

Yes, it’s pure manipulation when you give an advantage to a certain player or team, and that is what happens with CAS mechanic in Ground Arcade, both the planes given and where they spawn relative to each other.

That’s not the problem if it happened always like that, the problem is that it doesn’t always happen like that. And that is what gives the sense of being manipulated. If you are given a shitty bomber with 2-3 OP fast interceptors at 0.5km as you spawn and then when you take the opposite role in a slow fighter and you are chasing a bomber that is faster than you or you are placed 1.5km away, I’m sorry but for me that is pure manipulation.

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I’m still going to stand by my statements… I spawn air in matches and I don’t face issues like the one that you and the OP are trying to portray…

The OP also just wanted the formula, no engagement, but I suppose yours is fine because it aligns with thier issue.

Yes, they changed the way planes spawn in Arcade ground battles a long time ago and it is not good at all. What you mentioned is very common and should have been adjusted when things were apparently wrong when all this was implemented. It is not uncommon to have your tail shot off in mere seconds when spawning a bomber, regardless of how many “escorts” you get with you. They are generally placed so far back, they cannot get in range before it’s all over. It seems to be by design, to “nerf” planes effectiveness in this mode . . removing markers for fighters is just another nerf to planes as well. It seems that just removing planes altogether from Combined Battles in Arcade is the next step . . at least that will give the “Tanks Only” crowd a mode to do that in and end the continual need to gimp planes even further. Try spawning in a PB4Y and have an enemy Yak-15 spawn just behind you and “maneuver” outta of that while waiting for your team mates to “catch up” . . . it ain’t gonna happen. I just “J” out in a bomber when I have no escorts or the red guys are instantly on my 6(which again, is very common) . . . and also when spawned in a fighter so far back you’ll never get to enemy planes at all. Better to just get back in your tank and do the best you can . . . plane neutering . . accomplished . . . lol

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I’m not here to change your opinion, you play a few Arcade matches, and I play them a lot. I got no problems using any type of plane and I’m good with them both in Air Arcade and in Ground Arcade(and in Naval Arcade although I don’t play it much). One more reason for me to say this CAS mechanic is pure manipulation of balance in a match by Gaijin. What the OP mentioned is just one of the problems, and I already mentioned another, the choice of planes given, it’s very different to be given good bombers/attackers/fighters or to be given shitty ones.
And I’ll even add another reason that I almost forgot to mention, where you spawn the bombers/attackers in the map(not just relative to other planes), one thing is to spawn behind enemy spawn and closer to the map where you can basically drop your bombs a few seconds after spawning, another is to spawn behind your own spawn point, not as close to the enemy and having to fly a much longer time to get there.

Like I also mentioned several times in other threads, it wasn’t always like this, it used to be more balanced when planes spawned facing each other since there was always the chance to intercept or to dodge the interceptors or even to kill them when in escort role.

Most changes Gaijin have made to this mechanic were never for the better except the recent marker change to fighters although it could have been done differently and in a much better way by simply removing vehicle type and keep all markers to all planes.

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