Ground Anti-Air Units in Air RB

I am just wondering when will Gaijin fix the anti-air units in the AIR REALISTIC Battles? The thing that really surprises me is, the anti-air in the airfields are incapable of protecting the friendly jets seeking refuge in the airfield however the anti-air units in the middle of the map are very effective and accurate.

If jets are flying low to avoid radar detection and incoming radar missiles, these anti-air units will start shooting and damage the jets. Today I got engaged in turn fights with an F16 ADF and and MIG29 SMT. With every turn, our altitudes dropped and we were close to the ground. It was super fun until it wasn’t. Guess what happened? In the match where I was engaged in turn fights with F16 ADF, the guy got shot down by our random anti-air units in the map. In the next match, I got shot down by random enemy anti-air units in the map while in turn fight with MIG29 SMT.

This is absolutely unacceptable. But it is setup this way to force players fly high, get shot with radar missile so that the match ends quickly resulting to less RP earned and more frustration.

Previously, the anti air units guarding bases just used to be in Simulator Maps only, but in this update, Gaijin added anti-air units in bases of a lot of Non-Simulator Maps.

We want the anti-air units to be heavily nerfed. The only anti-air we want to see function properly is Airfield Anti-Air. Rest of the Anti-Air units should stay away from bothering all the players who are just trying to enjoy PvP combats.


I tried to play my A-4s… horrible.

Literally happened to me but in an F-8E fighting a J-35, it’s fucked