Gripen nerf should be rolled back

The plane is now unplayable and bad, and doesn’t offer anything different from the F-16.

Why take away one thing that Sweden got that was fun and good?

Total travesty. Bad devs. They wouldn’t have nerfed a Russian fighter this way and just left it in the game as-is forever.

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Is it really that bad now?

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It’s just more realistic.

Unfortunately Gaijin always plays these games. They make flight models completely cracked right at patch release and then nerf them over time.

The Gripen is supposed to be very similar to an F16. Less power but more AOA.

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Yeah. It doesn’t offer me any meaningful play difference from my similarly kitted F-16. It is now boring.

Literally waited years for the Gripen to get introduced because Sweden was my first top tier. Got a week of fun out of the plane now it’s just mediocre shit.

Thanks a lot, Gaijin. LAME.

an issue with the gripen is the leading edge flaps not dumping in high AOA manoeuvres, here is an example of the LEFs

full dumped at high AOA (you can see in game the LEFs basically don’t move)

This all new planes somehow are rly difficult to lock with aim9m, radar lock is impossible in most cases.

Almost lost a dogfight with a MiG-29 SMT today because of the nerf. Wouldn’t be surprised if Russian mains crying got the unrealistic nerf to happen.

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