Grind is insufferable

Before you say anything I’m not a free player, even with a premium account AND a premium vehicle, several premium vehicles actually, the grind in this game is still shit. Complete absolute load of shit. I’m probably not a good player, maybe I just suck big time, but is that a justification? I mean i payed quite a lot of money, around 600 dollars and still I have to full time job the game to grind some ass 6.3 vehicle. I paid, I’m a client, instead I’m treated like a complete idiot. Do they really think that making the grind insufferable is going to hook people? I don’t know about others but not me that’s sure, this actually ruined my experience completely instead. I’m not going to extend my subscription or to pay for stuff anymore, good job. What’s the point? You pay for stuff just to enjoy this laughable grind? What’s that, an average of 5-7k per match? Its laughable really, ridiculous. It took a century to reach not even top tier but 9.7 in a couple of nations. Fuck That. I just hope that some other competitor will ruin your business, that’s the only thing that’s going to fix this problem.


There is your first mistake.
The grind is infinite. Being impatient, with the perception that there is any “finish” to this game is your second.
You need to play on your own terms and ability, not what Gaijin sets, which is aimed at the highest level, expert whale.
Patience, and resistance to FOMO (fear of missing out) is key to not getting screwed by the Snail.


While this is pretty true, the fact is the grind in war thunder is so horrific even with a premium account and premium vehicle instead of it making the grind fast and fun it makes it a bearable swamp you still have to crawl through…

The premium grind in War Thunder is the standard game it’s not sped up it’s artificially lowered by default until you pay money for the standard game.


Yep. You have to accept that, or go do something better with your time.
I can’t understand how anyone without a strong interest in military history puts up with WT at all.

yes, this is how F2P works. One reason I would prefere a P2P game.

Thing is that it sucks even as premium.


yep… Its balanced entirely for Premium time and premiun vehicle. If you are F2P player, you are screwed. Its the main reason why I just simply dont want to even look at grinding another TT currently. Even with both


Biased. The game is biased to encourage premium spending.

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yes, bc you can give even more money, buy buying loads of premium stuff, not only premium time and cosmetics.

I paid my subscription. I couldn’t care less if the grind is insufferable for people who don’t spend a dollar or a euro in my case, but people who pay for stuff have the right, maybe, to reach top tiers or the vehicles they like in a REASONABLE time.10k hours is NOT a reasonable time. I don’t use steam for WT but I think I already putted around 2k hours or even more in this game, maybe 3k idk, and still I’m not even close to top tier in one single nation.

of course it is, its a “Free to play” game.

But there are aspects that dont need to suck quite as much as they do currently.

(Coastal comes to mind)


To Gaijin a “premium” player is just a cash cow that can be milked. Yes, you can advance faster, but they control the rate and how long the course (trees) are. And their interest is in making it take the maximum time and amount of money you spend.

And they’re wrong , this kind of business model suck. I’m a client not a cash cow. A serious company doesn’t scam their clients if they want them to continue to spend money.

They seem to think it works for them.

May I ask you a few questions?

Why grind?
Why did you invest $600 in the game?
What do you want to achieve in the game

If you like, here is my advice

Don’t grind. Play the game. The vehicles are unlocked on the side. Play some matches and enjoy the game.


When I counted the days and hours correctly: 788hours in battles


Yes and the other 1k hours in test drive and hangar

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Willing customer, you were not forced to spend anything.
WT owes you? nothing - read the disclaimers.
Buying high tier doesn’t give you high tier skills.
My brother purchased for me some top tier premium tanks but they are pretty much unusable until I grind tanks to that tier and learn how to play/survive
War is a grind and the grind is important,
You learn the maps, the places you go/don’t go.
You learn your vehicle, most importantly you learn other peoples vehicles and when/how to fight or run.
Step away from the grind for too long and you will forget these important details.

As for SL and Crew Experience.
I purchased a 3.7 and 5.7 premium Navy lineup that pays for whole presets of sea, ground, air.

Should watch the South Park Freemium Episode

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i mean if you spend over 60% of your time in game doing non-rewarding activities your grind will feel much worse that what it actually is, if you spend your time wisely you will have a much better time, in my experience the only thing that actually feels grindy is top tier ground vehicles in specific tier 7 and 8 where the experience to spade vehicles increments a lot, planes on the other hand i find them much easier overall to spade.


I don’t understand you at all.
War Thunder is NOT a race to the top tier. You unlock new vehicles - play them and have fun. That’s what War Thunder is about.
By the way, the general perception is that top tier sucks and is actually not very fun.