Grind Attacker aircraft at toptier

I have been playing Tornado IDS form German tree and the problem I founded is I couldn’t fly the bomb a base fast alike a Phantoms. It caused many games to end in me dying without doing anything and researching progression was slow. Do the developers have any plans regarding this issue? This problem really hurts my mental health when I see the Phantom carrying a rocket pod to completely destroy the base, and I, who just arrived, have to heading back to shoot a ground bots for a pice of ReserchPoints. Please DEV solve this problem.

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sorry if it hard to read im not good at english.

this helps really good. No shame in using this.

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Only take enough bombs for one base, bring 45 minutes - max of fuel, and hold the afterburner the whole way. Phantoms will still be able to beat you there because of the rockets but you should keep up with the aircraft themselves. Your faster than them they just excelerate faster.

Honestly when I have played the Tornado IDS, I havent bothered with bases. Well to be fair I wouldnt bother anyway, but I was just trying to fight with it.

Two 9Ls arent bad, and its fast, though yes, it has the turning circle of the Saturn 5 Rocket.

More consistent and more fun than rushing a base, spamming spacebar, and dying at least, IMO.

The Tornado is one of those aircraft that struggle in RB, but excell in Sim EC: Bases are much more dispersed, not “directly under the massive fighter furbal”, and respawn regularly.

Sim EC is perfect Tornado IDS country… I’d actually never even consider bringing a Tornado attacker/bomber into a RB match.

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I agree with Schindibee. I finally tired sim because i was trying to spade the Su-25bm and i was really not having fun getting shot down before i even reached friendly base. I would really check out sim. the game play is more relaxed, and you will get more points and bases plus the matchs can last for hours.

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