GRB research point grind is abysmal

I’m not saying they are good, I’m defending Air and trying to explain why Air RB is like it is. Getting Gaijin to drop the diminishing returns on kills would make a huge difference.

So your saying that in Ground RB you should have the same reward for a player kill as Air RB? That is rediculous because you can enouter 3 to 4 times the amount of vehicles in a game of Ground RB and you have multiple chances to kill those vehicles. Air RB gets one chance per player to kill a maximum of 16 other players. No extra player vehicle kills, no extra changes to do more. One and done. That is a massive difference. If Ground had only one spawn to play the entire game with, then reward would be much much higher because the risk of being removed from the game is much much higher. If ground had 3x the rp gains, then a game with 10 kills would get you 21k rp, but if you got 10 kills in air, a virtually impossible feat, you would get around 50k+ rp. Two kills in ground gets you laughed at for being bad, two kills in air is a pretty successful game. Five kills in ground is a good game, 5 kills in air is you killing 1/3 of the entire enemy team. The effort in doing well in air is not the same as doing well in ground. Noone ever has gotten a 30 kill game in Air RB, it isn’t possible. And this is all about killing players, not killing AI or base bombing (for air) or capping points (for ground).

This comes down to the potential amount of kills in a game, if one mode has much higher potential for kills, the reward will be lower. That is why ground has less rewards per kill than air rb. I will say it again, why don’t you go after the diminishing returns rhat ground rb has for kills. Every kill you make becomes less valuable than the last. That would be a great suggestion to have changed or removed.

So your saying that in Ground RB you should have the same reward for a player kill as Air RB?

No, that’s not what I said, I specifically said before:

if ground requires 3 kills for air requiring 1 or whatever

Ground shouldn’t have to kill 10 players to be able to get 10k RP when air needs 1 or 2.

Noone ever has gotten a 30 kill game in Air RB

They don’t need to, they still get more RP than someone who does get 30 kills in GRB.

I must have misread, did you not say that Ground was 3 times worse than Air and then say that Ground should have 3 times the rewards? If ground is 3 times worse than Air and you increase the rewards by 3 times then that would make the rewards equivalent to air.

Again, you don’t see to be aware of why. The biggest reason is the diminishing returns on kills in ground. The more kills you get the less they are worth. Getting 30 kills isn’t much different than getting 10 because the 30th kill is worth nothing compared to your first kill. I want to say getting above 6 kills is the most before the rewards are insignificant. So any kills past 6 aren’t worth your time in rewards.

I am aware, I have explained to you why that is. The kill potential is different. The reason why around 3 kills in ground are roughly equal to a kill in air is because there are 3x more tanks to kill in an average game than in air. Look at air arcade, where you can respawn. It gets lower rewards because there are an absoluetly massive number of planes that could be killed in a battle, you could go through like 6 planes in a lineup. So the kill potential is super high in air arcade and the rewards are much lower than air ab. When you compare the similar game modes, air arcade and ground rb, you can see the rewards are much closer. The whole reasoning is the kill potential is high on those modes. I would imagine this would hold true of the Naval modes because it isn’t unusual to see 8+ kill games regularly and I know that naval doesn’t earn rp like air rb either. Air rb is an outlyer mode because of the lack of respawns. All of the modes with respawns have similar rewards.

If you take a look at skill bonuses too, air needs 4 kills to get the max skill bonus compared to ground’s 9 kills. So killing around 20% of average amount of vehicles for ground compared to around 31 percent of the available vehicles in air. I wonder that is harder to do, kill 20 percent of a team or 25 percent of a team. Even the first level of the skill bonus is around 6 percent od average vehicles conpared to 12 percent of total vehicles in air. Air arcade skill bonuses are more sligned with grounds, because of the kill potential.

And to clarify, I’m not saying ground rewards are good enough and don’t need changed. I would live to see them improved because ground feels daunting sometimes. I am here to correct this whole thought that Air RB has no reason to have higher rewards, when it plainly has quantifyable reasons.

that would make the rewards equivalent to air.

That would be awful!!

Again, you don’t see to be aware of why.

Does it matter why? 30 kills should be rewarded as 30 kills.

I am aware, I have explained to you why that is. The kill potential is different.

Doesn’t matter, 30 kills is ground is FAR more impressive than 6 kills in air, even I have had 6 kills in air, yet I never even had 20 kills, maybe 15 at most, 30 is absolutely insane.

I never suggested a tank should get the same rewards as planes for a singular kill, but for an equal performance it needs to get an equal reward, if you’re opposed to that this conversation is over.

Planes should not earn 3x the RP for just being a different mode, if you do well in planes you get 20k and if I do well in tanks I should also get 20k RP, not 5k.

You haven’t even understood the fact that 30 kills in ground isn’t equivalent to 30 kills in ground. You don’t get the same rewards for your first kill as your second, but you can’t get your head out of your ass to realize that even though I’ve explained it multiple times.

Explain what an equal performance is. Why not try using percentages of the average team numbers that could expected in each game type? You have to quantify what an equal performance it. If it is kill based, show rp levels of only player kills with nothing else on either side. Define an average air game and an average ground game, not an average one for you because you could be better or worse than the average player. I’m not at all opposed to ground rewards improving, I’ve said that 5 times I agree that ground rewards aren’t great, and 4 times I have mentioned that the diminishing returns are a great place to probably start to fix the rewards. I am willing to have this conversation, I’ve went back and forth presenting the same data to you multiple times, and here we still are. Provide some actual data that provides an equal comparison and we can continue.

This picture is a great layout for showing the rewards earned and specifically showing rp gains for all actions. This is from the OP.

You have:

You did, inadvertently maybe, but you 100 percent have. If 3 ground kills are required for 1 air kill because Gaijin screws us with a sl/rp per minute ratio 3 times worse than air, and then they increase the rewards of ground by 3x, then 1 ground kill would equal 1 air kill. Stop lying about what you’ve said when it is quoted back to you, let this part go.

I have zero issues with air rewards, sure its a slow grind but its so so so easy to just mindlessly bomb and watch a youtube vid while you do it, and you still get around 10k rp a game. It’s a tad bit different for ground though, because to get good rewards you need to perform extremely well, and you have to focus a lot more on engine noises etc. Also the rewards are just dogshit. Without premium you get 100 rp for a kill at top tier, and 200 if you do have premium. that’s 5 kills just to get 1k rp, and its difficult to do that when half of your team leaves without getting any kills or caps. grb is just kind of a mess right now.

not arguing with you btw, you bring a good point. simply adding my opinion in :)

I agree the rewards are pretty terrible, I’ve reached rank 7 in 3 nations, rank 5 in all but China and Italy, and finished the US air tree. I wish i could say that I’ve made it past 8.3 br in any nation for ground. I even have top tier Battleships for the US, and rhe ground grind has hurt the most.

One thing I am not sure about with your picture is the rp reward for time played. I think that has to do with an incentive to see a game through, but I’m not sure if it goes up with the amout of useful actions like kills and whatnot. Something that could be done is if someone can come up with some good info on the diminishing returns. I know capturing points doesn’t become less valuable if you do it more like kills do, so maybe a case could be made to have it altered or removed completely.

From what little information I have actually given any attention to while grinding, the time played just seems like a multiplier. if I get 3 kills and then sit in SPAA for the rest of the game and do nothing, I usually get a considerably larger chunk of RP compared to 3 kills and quitting, here are some screenshots from my battles if you want to look at the data yourself, ill post 3 wins and 3 losses. top 3 are the wins, or if the forums mixes them then any won games will have “reward for winning”
accidently posted the same screenshots twice but ill just delete the dupe, so 2 wins 3 losses



Interesting, I haven’t noticed that because in Ground i don’t focus on the rewards as much to stay mtoivated. Ill have to try to survive longer instead of bltizing for kills and see how that goes.

I never suggested a tank should get the same rewards as planes for a singular kill

it’s fine if ground requires 3 kills for air requiring 1 or whatever

How is that suggesting the same rewards for a singular kill when I say 3:1?

If 3 ground kills are required for 1 air kill because Gaijin screws us with a sl/rp per minute ratio 3 times worse than air, and then they increase the rewards of ground by 3x,

Obviously I didn’t mean to apply both things at the same time, the end goal is that RP should be on par with air, I’ve been pretty clear about that.

You said it, and it isn’t obvious. Things you think are obvious aren’t obvious to others. You have to word things in a way to clearly get your point across with as few people interpreting it incorrectly as possible. I easily put all your quotes together you 100 percent said those things.

As I have said already. Ground will never have rewards as high as Air RB as long as it stays like it is. The respawning makes each kill worth less overall. I personally believe that ground rb (don’t think it would work with naval) should be single spawn. It would get rid of alot of the issues people have, but it would be a huge change. If it did go to single spawn then you wouldn’t have ODL, rewards would be much much higher, CAS would have to change, and it would be less “hold w” as people put it. As long as air rb and ground rb are that fundamentally different the rewards will never be equal.

Wow that time played is an actual game changer. I’ll have to change up how I play immediately and try to stay in game as long as possible. Guess the incentive for staying in the game as long as possible is a pretty big deal.

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You got 16k RP for the match. Two years ago, this would have been 5k with premium.

so we are okay with bad rp gain because its better than what it was 2 years ago

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I find the RP Gains also to low.

You really need Premium Acc + Premium Vehicle (or Talisman) and consistent good Matches in order to make decently paced progress.

Im not the best Player but for China it took me over 700 Matches with the Premium Vehicle 96A(P) just to get to Top Tier and almost 1000 Matches of my Matches are just China but i still need another ~2 Million to finish the Ground Tree until TOR and VT4A1 - and im like always only playing with Premium Account active and often times also the 15%-40% RP Boosters.

Here i actually got a Nuke yesterday (ofc someone shot me down 2km before Map i.e. 0,005sec before i could’ve dropped it…) but also just 9,5k RP for the research of the Vehicle.

This Match was from a few Days ago during Stage 3 of the Event - 10 Kills and 3 Caps, almost 20 Minute long Match and i had a RP Booster active as well

I wouldn’t even play the Game without Premium unless its Line Ups i already unlocked and spaded.

And arguing that its ok because it was worse a few years ago doesn’t make sense, sure it improved then but its still bad.

The RP Bonus is also being dragged out since like a year, it was supposed to have come out already but kept on being delayed - end of November was last date but few days into December then suddenly said next year Spring, will it be postponed yet again? And how much will it actually be?

And for Arcade don’t even have to start, i get it why you get less there than in GRB but its really unnecessarily much less especially since they are players who like to play Arcade more.


To get any sort of progress you need to have a premium account + premium vehicle + winning the game + a game lasting at least 10-15 minutes + being in the top of your team.