GRB research point grind is abysmal


I got 10 kills and 2 assists while playing the leopard 2 premium tank. I got a grand total of 3836 research points for the 10 kills, with premium account, talisman, and while researching the ozelot which is in the same rank. This is in ground rb. I have no words.
BTW I am aware that the total comes out to 16108, I am talking about the research points gained solely from the 10 kills
This isn’t even a one time thing either


To put things in perspective, 2 years ago I could have performed almost exactly like this and would have received half of the RP/SL. The RP grind is supposedly going to get a bit easier within a few updates when they add the additional bonus for having the top tier vehicles of a nation. I guess we’ll see.

yeah they fixed the silver lion economy as far as I can tell but I’m a wallet warrior so I could be wrong. I really hope they fix the rp gain in grb because 18k for 10 kills and 2 assists is just insane considering I need 300k next to research the Roland 2


Assuming you got 16k each battle you would only need 18 battles to unlock the Roland. Which is like 3 hours of gamplay. Obviously you dont pull 16k rp every game but the point is, best case is only 3 hours to unlock top tier so say playing 50 games is again, not that big of a deal

that’s for 1 vehicle, I need about 2.5 million rp to finish the rest of the German tech tree, at least what I want to finish anyway, and that’s excluding modifications for said vehicles

Spade while grinding.

190k RP to a vic in one day while not even trying.

Premium ground vics will not be the best way to grind ground.

I’ve said this once and I’ll say it again
RP requirements for grinding high tier are way too high, they are counter productive, demoralizing and they make no benefits to the developers or the gamers alike

This might have some merit when the game was tiny, years ago. Now we have THOUSANDS of vehicles, please, someone, calculate how many DECADES would premium players have to play, 6 hr/day, to unlock the whole game.
It’s bizarre. It’s stupid. It’s … Gaijin : )

Low tier vehicles are getting researched even too fast, and high tier WAY too slowly. I would love to see some drop in RP demands for last 3 tiers of techtree.
How much? Up to debate but here’s the good place to start.

In this list you see the tier, typical RP cost for the MBT and
(reasonable number)
imo, in parenthesis
Tier 4 - 50k (this is good)
Tier 5 - 100k (let’s go with 80)
Tier 6 - 180k (120 max)
Tier 7 - 380k (250 max)

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There is your analysis error: The RP you see for the 10 kills are not all the RP you got for the ten kills. Most of the reward for the 10 kills is contained in the “Time played” and in the “Skill Bonus” rewards.

If you like to verify, just do a game with the same duration and zero kills, just 2 assists. You will notice the difference is much larger.

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Most people do not get remotely near 16k each battle, not even 6k each battle.

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im aware im just clarifying

thats currently what i’m doing with the leopard 2a4, I will be getting at least 3 11.7’s before i start using them as a lineup though so i can actually help the team.

Rewards also rely way too much on match length and winning the game, without getting a good game + that lasts long + your team wins, your rewards will be complete trash.

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With the RP numbers posted above, this seems like a debate in the yacht club about caviar getting too expensive.

The most effective thing to come out of the Econ change was getting bonus RP for spading vehicles, it also gives an incentive to play vehicles you would rather never play most likely, like foldered vehicles.

Those numbers above are literally as good as it gets with a premium account + premium vehicle + a really good game + researching within BR range + winning the match + a long game.

Remove any of that and the RP drops massively.

Meanwhile you can play air and get more RP doinga lot less.



Have you had a single game in ground forces with 30k RP?

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This has always been a thing.

I’ve played for three years, before the economy changes I don’t ever remember that being a thing.


Thank you for translating “caviar in a yacht club” to the plebs.

That clearly wasn’t the point.

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