Grass-in-optics and realistic optic placement

Hello all!
This is just a survey for those who think that in Realistic Battles, grass-in-optics and the realistic sight placement should be mandatory. I find it annoying to be constantly killed through tall grass, which is rendered in even in 3rd person. It leaves it where you can’t fight back and, unless you degrade your graphics, there’s nothing that can be done about it. As for the realistic sight placement, that’s just a thing of my taste. I’ve played almost consistently with that and usually place top 5 (the snail RNG permitting of course). What’s y’alls opinion on it?




PC plays have ULQ, ultra low quality but console do not, pc players can aim and see through the top of a hill or ridge console players can not. We and i mean everyone including pc v pc is playing a differnt game/ map. So basicly pc have another win advantage over console and the same for PC ULQ users v PC normal. Gaijin needs to fix this and make everyone see the same.ridge line or hill top Pc on ulq can see through trees.

Me personally like quality but the hill ridge removal needs to be fixed


grass in optics

Definetively would be for forcing it by defalut for everyone, even for people that play on ULQ.

Realistic sight placement in RB

Absolutely not.

Its already thing in SB, players that want it forced can go there.

Problem with it is that each tank has different placement and as such each tank needs to aim slightly differently to achieve accurate shots.

And to remember each tanks placement needs time. I like to play different tanks, nations and BRs back to back, and I dont want to spend time familiarizing myself with different optics setups every time i switch lineup.

This would massively boost tanks that have good armor with few weakspots and practically make some tanks unplayable.

For example on top tier where some tanks have fraction of second to aim at BVMs weakspot when it appears from behind a building facing you front, tanks like Arietes would be absolutely boned because they would need time to adjust their aim as opposed to BVM playing point and click adventure.


I’m not against the proposals, however - PC players can circumvent it by simply using ULQ mode.

ULQ needs to be removed from the game before RB can see such implementations.

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Gaijin should model the bushes properly. Currently they clip through the whole tank and sometimes obstructs your vision. I know it’s not related to grass in optics.


Oddly enough, GHPC doesn’t really suffer from this issue a lot and it is mostly because the grass is a lot shorter and closer to the ground than in WT where grass is extremely tall and obtrusive.

As for optic placement, I think it should be forced like in SB I sometimes play with it enabled for the fun of it but tryhards and console players would complain, so that’s why we can’t have a realistic game.

Yes, let’s also remove potato computers from being produced in the world without costing almost 2k. Which aren’t gaming laptops. Or desktops.


Should have always been that way and not an option at all.
“Grass in optics” isn’t that much of a performance hit since you are only rendering a small bit of texture/image in the fore ground.
Many players already know how to “clip” the terrain surface anyway so its not going to advantage anyone particularly.
Some vehicles would benefit from it more and… OMG that would be realistic? Can’t have that, WT is a simucade game!

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I agree but laser rangefinders automatically account for the parallax effect and you can use custom sights to help you aim if you feel like it. This would also work in favor of other tanks like the Abrams weak spot being harder to hit at point-blank ranges.

I got used to playing with the gunner sight enabled, it’s a skill you eventually develop and it’s quite satisfying imo.

Another aspect of it is that it would break the homogeny of tanks that currently WT faces, all tanks basically play the same once you get to top tier. Why not have some variety in the game?

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It’s purely player-controlled, and entirely optional.

The “degrade” your graphics. It’s an OpenBSD engine that was made 19 years ago, and has had very few graphical overhauls over its lifetime. Most of the assets are still from the original Birds of Prey iteration, and the only changes grass has seen is the addition of CPU based generation and foliage improvements. It’s literally a static asset with a PNG attached.

There’s a shit ton you can do about it. First of all, turn off your cpu grass.
Second, turn down grass quality.

Then turn it on. Don’t force it on everybody else when you aren’t in place to do so.

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Buy a better system. It’s a VM based software with limited accessibility. If you don’t like it, get a capable system that allows you to configure certain aspects of it.

Nope, same map, same assets, same visibility. Well, unless you’re on 512mb, in which you then have low fidelity assets 24/7

It can’t, it only has reduced render distance and it can be configured however you like.
Consoles get it even better, with last-gen consoles on Dagor 6.5 having the 512mb toggle.

GHPC has extremely dense CPU grass, and it only renders within <50m maximum of the vehicle. It’s a singleplayer game and it still runs 3x slower.

Not sure what you mean by “shorter”, either. Here’s GPU rendered grass.

Then play sim.

GSB exists for a reason.

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No its not, your settings can be differnt to someone else, thus creating different, your hill can be taller than my hill

And? Change your settings.

It does not affect terrain rendering in any way, shape, or form. All it changes is soft meshes and texture fidelity. That gives no advantage whatsoever.

My ASUS ROG Zephyrus cost me $1,400 USD. That’s not 2k USD. I don’t use it as much as my xbox but that’s a sideline from the main point.

I’m aware of different economies, currencies, etc etc and to be honest? I don’t give a shit. ULQ is cheating and should be removed. Being robbed of using concealment accordingly to hide my tank or using cloud cover because Sergei is using a scrapheap from 2005 to play this game is his problem to fix - I shouldn’t be punished for it like I am now because he gets that handholding.

Out of all the advantages PC gets over me when I use console, the only one I find absolutely intolerable is ULQ mode.

Won’t change a thing but what do I expect from people who don’t understand the game they are playing.

My 3070ti cost $450. My i9-12900kf was actually an i7, but for some reason I received the i9. I saved $80 on $300 CPU.
Motherboard was $140, RAM was about $30-40?
PSU was from a previous computer, forgot how much.

I run the game at 180-240fps on a 1440p monitor that cost almost as much as my entire monitor.

This is called ignorance, if anybody was wondering.

Im on xbox series x, players who use ulq see less environment than i do and therefore can see more of my tank than i can of theres

Explain to me, slowly, how i am supposed to use laser rangefinder on my 5.7 hellcat :p