Graphic's taking a nose dive on Xbox (GRB)

Has anybody else noticed a real drop in the quality of graphics recently.I play Xbox one and it’s like something from the 80s just lately .No frame stutter just poor quality.Hard to make anything out in Sweden for example.Also the trees are turning into purple blobs.

yes i have also recognised it…

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xbox one is 10 year old hardware im not sure what your expecting

On series x frame rates have dropped and sometimes really bad in bino view

so why change it to more bad visuals? i dont expect an improvement, but also not an loss. :)

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X box one was ok until very recently then the anti aliasing dropped off.I expect time will catch up with it at some piont but was just wondering if it was an issue others were having

Sounds about right

Honestly, if this is the case, then Gaijin really should get FSR rolling out the door soon. Should mitigate and extend the lifespan of that hardware

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I expect i will have make the switch soon but I am wondering if it is a common issue for everyone post uodate or whether the xbox one is at the end for Warthunder.

I mean, regardless if it is, FSR would just present a graphics uplift for every plattform. Useful for consoles of they would want to do Graphics improvements

What is FSR?

They will tweak gfx. I thinks about going back to pc but ive been there and done that. So i went and got series x, for dayz before i played this game seriously. PC’s have there own issues, namely a larg amount of cheaters and compatibility with other games

Upscaling solution for basically any hardware using FSR 1.0. And a slightly more limited selection using FSR 2.0, at least per official support. It is essentially the go-to broad support upscaling solution for game level implementation
Add FSR 2.2.1+ (or FSR 3.0) support into the game engine - Suggestions / Misc - War Thunder — official forum