Good planes and missles for Germany

Hi guys, I want to suggest a new possible update fot the German air tech tree, since the new fox 3 missles we added to a f4-f (11.3) and not to a top tier plane like the mig-29, can you try to add the mig 29 fulcrum from poland, which has the R77 in his armament, and add it to the 13.0 or 12.7 pls

Germany will probably get a Swiss F-18 or something next update, and of course the Eurofighter not too long after that

yeah, but the f-18 and Eurofighter will be added like 1 year from now, but since the germany has a Polish tank(leo 2PL), tney can add their mig 29 with the fox 3 so we have a top tier plane too

The MiG29 is the NATO upgraded MiG29 that was sold to Poland. It is not capable of firing R-77 and never used them in real life.

Also the regular F-4F was not capable of firing AMRAAMs. That capability was only enabled by the ICE upgrade.

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So I must wait for the eurofighter? So sad :(

Either Eurofighter or possibly an F-18 though that has been entirely speculation so far.
The only confirmed addition to Germany Top Tier Air that is definitely coming is the Eurofighter at some point in the future.

F-4F was 11.0, not 11.3, and it was reduced to 10.7.
There is no Mig-29 Germany got with R-77s.
F-4F ICE is effectively a slower climbing Mig-29SMT with 2 more missiles.
Best to wait for Typhoon likely next update or the update after with how things are going.

F-18 is Typhoon equivalent, trading speed for more missiles.

I don’t know why people are just okay with nations being screwed out of a competitive vehicle and just have to suck it for months or years.

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because they aren’t the affected ones, they are fine playing with their new USA/USSR toys every update and abusing other nations

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They got a polish leopard because it’s a leopard and for no other reason, just like the Canadian leopard.

I was talkig about the polish Mig29-fulcrum, that they have, in it’s armament the R77 is included
hope them adding the polish Mig-29

ah ok, understood