Going bankrupt, migration fron props to jets

Migrating from props to jets is going to bankrupt me. You may think skill issue, you maybe right. But i have heard many tells of rank V being the worst, and i thought spit mk24 wss hard to spade. So if any of you seasoned players got any tips please share.

You must play at least 24 hours a day to develop the required skill to be 1st through 3rd place in every game. That is the only way to make enough SL to advance in jets at any reasonable pace. You are competing against try-harders that have been playing this game longer than you, Youtube content creators, professional gamers and the after-school crowd. Best of luck.

I play to much and that probably my biggest problem

There will come times when you have to play for the sole purpose of banking SL.

I suggest getting a good premium plane that fits your playstyle in the upcoming sale for SL farming. It doesn’t have to be a top tier $70 premium. Anything tier III and up should make you great bank, providing that you’re competent in that vehicle.

If you can’t get a premium vehicle, that’s fine too. The increased rewards just make everything faster.