Glaring problem with the game that (Mostly) favors Russia

Why is the auto loader not a module that can be damaged, which would slow down reload times, or destroyed, which would require repair?

As it stands you can currently kill the loader when its a crew member. This stops the reloading, and sets your reload time to a much longer state. But you cannot kill or damage the auto loader causing the same effect. With so many Nato tanks using hand loaders this is a poor design characteristic which should get fixed.

The auto loader should be a module that can get destroyed, and once repaired should have a slower reload time.


Cause it will make any Autoloader vehicle inferior to their counterparts. All Autolader tanks already have worse survivability and most autoloaders (except japanese ones) have worse reload than tanks with (skilled) loaders. Secondary, it will again put all tanks with autoloaders in huge disadvantage, cause now they will have 3 modules, that bans shooting (breech, canon and autoloader). Destruction of both autoloader and breech/canon will again put in huge disadvantage cause of longer repair time.

All previous mentioned problems


Name any hand loaded tank that has worse reload than the 4 second russian auto loaders. Also that requires you spending GE in many cases to get to autoload speeds. Keep in mind this ONLY counts if your loader is not shot and killed. In which case you go to slower than stock reload speeds. Meanwhile the auto loaders keep maximum reload speed at all times.

They should have 3 modules that you can shoot. This would be balance. Hand Loaded tanks have 3 modules you can shoot. The Loader, Breech, and Canon. Auto loaders only have two. Canon and Breech. This is an imbalance in the game that needs fixed.

Autoloading tanks can also be hand loaded, so in the event their auto loader is down they can simply be given a loading penalty (like non autoloader tanks have) until it is repaired. See easy fix that balances everyone.


Whut 4 secs? T-80BVM 6.5 sec, T-72B3 7.1 sec. While M1 and Leopards have 6.0 aced (and Leclerc has 6.0). The only 4 sec load is on Japanese tanks.

And that wouldnt be a balance lul. Cause with dead loader you still can reload, while with broken autloader - you cant shoot at all. And well, again, autloaded tanks have 1 less crew member.

Which would be quite long (and way longer than loading with a dead loader.). And again, autloader tanks would be in a disadvantage again (Additionaly, idk if japanese AL and french ones can have manual loading)


o906, BMD-4 (1.3 seconds), o685 (6 sec).

Also, you are talking about spending GE, or waiting an impressively long time. Meanwhile they are much slower than the auto loaders if you play this game for free.

You do understand you can hand load a tank with an auto-loader right? They would just need to be set back to slower reload times (like what already happens with tanks that have a hand loader).

You see the problem is this. Autoloading tanks have 2 modules. Breech and Barrel. Hand loaded tanks have 3 modules. Breech, Barrel, and Crew. Autoloading tanks need a 3rd module for balance. They can still be hand loaded if the auto loader is knocked out. They would just need to actually apply crew skills in that slot.

So essentially you think auto loading tanks should have ZERO disadvantages? How about some common sense ballance. Autoloading tanks have an advantage until the loader gets shot (just like hand loading tanks do now).

Adding the 3rd module is an important part of balance. Right now autoloaders get multiple advantages with having indestructible modules and no need to spend points on crew.

Maybe we should add another crew slot “autoloading maintenance” that works just like handloading crew maint does.


Ah, light tanks (And bruh, BMD-4? It has autocanon)

You surely have skilled crew, if you have top tier tanks. Maybe even experts already. In both cases your load is faster than T-72 loading and faster than T-80 with expert ones.

There is no problem at all.

They have already. All autloading tanks lack crewmember (so they are less survivable). Soviet MBTs are worse have worse loading (Expert and Aced) than NATO MBTs.
And well, not to mention, superior autloaders exists in minor TT (with really weak line-ups).

And make autloading pointless?


lmao even

That’s weird
I’m looking right at my level 74.5 Expert Leopard 2A4 crew and the reload is 6.36s
no ace
no GE spent
somehow faster than 6.5


750mm penetration on a round that reloads in 1.3 seconds. Yeah, that is pretty nice to have around.

Right now autoloader tanks can completely ignore the loader crew slot, which gives them far more points to spread around to other positions. Its an advantage that needs balanced.


Bruh, BMD-4 dont have 1.3 reload on its 100mm lol. What are you talking about?

Its an issue only if you are GE your tree. Autloading MBTs are top-tier ones, so you obviously spread points before it.
Anyway, its all pointless and not a problem at all (and lol, autloading favours minor nations mostly, not soviets)

Well… I mean… It is modeled, and it does have an armor value, but to damage the autoloader is to directly hit the ammunition inside of it… I don’t know what’s happening to you, but whenever I hit the ammunition in a carousel or cassette, there is no loading time to reduce from that point on.

Well, yeah. If you shoot a loader, he cannot load.
If you shoot an autoloader, there will be no gun to load into.

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There is no Soviet / Russian autoloader with a 4 second reload, unless you count the BMD-4’s 2A70 100mm launcher.
Everything else is 6.5 (1:1 loading) or 7.1 (3:1 loading) seconds for 2A46 125mm cannons.

No, this requires grinding your vehicle. I have ace crews on both my 2A5 and 2A6, along with both MiG-19S and MiG-19P. My 2A5 and 2A6 both have 6.0 second reloads and beat out any Soviet / Russian autoloader, and all it cost me is a few hundred matches and RP.
Autoloaders keep maximum speed until battery power is depleted or it runs out of ammunition.

Autoloaders already load fairly slower, if not perfectly equal to, most NATO vehicles. Exceptions are for 105mm cannons, which can below 6.0 seconds. The tradeoff with an autoloader is survivability, where any hit to ammo is liable to kill the entire crew (unless you’re in a Leclerc).
As for manually loaded vehicles, a shot to the loader does not instantly kill all crew, it only increases the reload by a fair amount. Compare this to autoloaders, where simply firing too quickly and depleting ammo means you must wait over 40 seconds to load 1 shell.

Very few can

So… A 7.7 tank firing an 85mm cannon…
A light tank, firing 100mm HE…
Or a 100mm cannon on what is effectively a worse 2S25…?
Riveting comeback, I must say.

No GE involved if you want an Ace crew, unless you’re impatient and don’t care to play the vehicle for that long.
No, not at all. The only thing I put GE towards on TT vehicles are talismans, and that will boost it slightly. Even then, you can get these from crates.

You do understand that this takes over 25 seconds on most Ural and Malyshev pattern loaders, right? Can you name me a vehicle with a 20+ second reload once the loader dies?

No, autoloading tanks have 3 modules.
Breech, Barrel, and Ammo.
The second that ammo is hit, the entire tank is dead. No questions asked, unless you didn’t do enough damage to it.

I’ve just given you multiple disadvantages. You cannot load the gun without ammunition in the autoloader, leading to a 30+ second wait time on main-caliber vehicles.

Again, that third module is Ammunition. The balance is instantly dying.

doesnt the fake obj 906 has a 4 sec autoloader ? :D

Is an 8.0 light tank/vehicle with an 85mm comparable to the “NATO tanks” mentioned in the post?
Or did you really mean M60s and not Abrams, Leclercs, Challengers, Leopards, etc.?

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Read again and tell me where i say anything about m60 etc ?

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Sorry then, did the original poster really mean NATO tanks comparable to the 906? Like M60s? Or did he actually mean the NATO top tier tanks

And? that can be disadvantage for autoloader its part of the risk.
auto loader also has advantage such as less crew to train they don’t need to spend like million to make it load faster since loading time are fixed and its time saving for training crew.


I literally told about it already. Unless you are GE your way through TT - you will have spent points for training you loaders.
And less crew is a huge disadvantage anyway.

The ignoring crew points for the loader is a complete fallacy.

You don’t just start the game with a T-64, you have to you know, grind for it? Plus a game exists outside of top tier, to which having points in the loader is very important anyways.

Imagine playing IS-2’s, ISU-152’s and early T series tanks with zero points in the loader, it sounds awful.


The Object 906…

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