Give us f20 tigershark or supercrusader with upcoming operation winter

We have waited enough. Give us finally tigershark and supercrusader i hope all will agree with me



If that’s all ur gonna say I recommend you go back to reddit, especially with posts like this


what the hell u want to ad more? write a letter about my life only because ics a “forum”?!

u are aware model developments needs quite a long time, demanding it specialy for the winter operation wont make it cut wise

America already gets more jet content then anyone else. You can wait

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we can give the F-20 to germany, that would be a fun addition and make US salty lol


should be a tech tree vehicle like the yak41m

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Gaijin give bugfixes to decade old bugs please. We don`t need more modern stuff. It is unbalanced and only a minority even bother playing/unlocking it. Most people stop at around 7.0 anyways.

those r very iconish planes should be in tree/squadron/event long time ago

no, Never heard of any of them

Not really, they’re very advanced, at least the F-20 is, and or cover a real specific niche.aybe we will still get them later down the line if the devs go for the promised “diversity” from the oh so long ago lmao.
Spamming topics is worthless still, it’s the money/ marketing department that runs the game at this point and they gotta milk it somehow so instead of fun and diversity we’re getting this sorta crap ur seeing now. Well, it’s somewhat better nowadays but still.

if im not mistaken the f20 was passed to developers right after the f5 came out…

passed doesnt mean development started

i hope we get the f20 soon…touted the best plane that was never put in production… this plane was nuts but im sure gaijin will find a way to screw it… but hey when u use game stats to balance aircraft {which is fundamently flawed and breathtakenly stupid} i know thay suposidly balance things… usually heavy on the russian side it seems ,

If it started development today, it’d take 4 - unknown months to complete.

Game stats aren’t used to balance vehicles.
Also “Russian” vehicles aren’t nerfed as you imply. They’re rather balanced with everyone else.

Guess what, they could also give it to france, Peugeot hired one for recording an ad for their model 205 car.
Honestly, that would be bloody perfect

I guess event vehicle USA aircraft rank 8 in operation winter in the future

  • F-16C (F-16CG) Block 42 “Night Falcon”



  • AV-8B Day Attack





f20 can be given to numerous nations, supercrusader for usa is obvious, its a much better fighter than phantom

you guys would heklp me a loittle to bump this thread. Both those planes were begged many years ago to arrive to wt but no1 from gayjin listen. True warplanes enthusiasts should shout about those 2. Trully magnificent aircrafts

btw where is yokosuka flying bomb…?

this thread is irrelavant, they will come when they come, the title alone is a joke to demand them for an event which will leave no development time , besides that event planes wouldnt be distributed to multiple nations which would make the addition of the f20 as a event vehicle just bad

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