Give us f20 tigershark or supercrusader with upcoming operation winter

no, f20 and supercrusader should be in game years ago! our demand isnt hard for them to make, maybe they have it already who knows, they still have time btw and it would be distribute to multiple players thats important

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You know what else should have been in the game years ago? A hundred ww2 planes that still haven’t been added. Being pushy about it because you want it now won’t change anything. Wait like the rest of us have to

its best tiers for jets with first sideewinders where u have to make ur position not just fire a misile. Both f20 and supercrusader shuld be in this bracket

not sure what your point is mate, sorry

the point is that cominity was begged and asked about those planes for years and gayjins dont care at all. Meanwhile they prefer give us another copy paste vehicles

that a fact for pretty much every plane or tank, the f20 is nothing special in that regard and as a prototype it just hasnt high priority compared to other vehicles

in my opinion those planes have ery high priority as well as f15 yamato and yokosuka flying bomb ;]

Who do you think you are? America is strong enough, and you only want other nation players to delete the game and play those America/USSR insipid jets, isn’t it?

i wont change fact that america have so many planes in history. Every1 can play which nation he want

yes, but that doesnt give america the right to be focused for planes, when every nation has planes they can get

the fact is that america had most war planes, each of them is highly designed thats why many of them were exported. Iam not america fan , well i never was but there are some planes which r trully awesome

People pls help me make this hapend finally, weve been waiting for so long…

No because they are bullshit demands that wont happen

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Honestly, i think i would rather them never get added just because this man-child keeps begging for it like some kid who’s parents said he couldnt get the newest xbox.



btw thank u all for awesome suport, without u i wouldnt keep up answering WTs forum bots…

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yeah u definitly are drunk asnd should stay of the forum

btw black friday “sale” is everything ive written before, perfect exapmle how to complatly giva f about game and players, seriously… i cannot find words…

literaly always was a worse sell then the others, the holiday sale is soon again and just always is better, combined with the brithday sale