Give Type 16 (FPS) the Wolfpack Treatment

With the recent update the only viable shell of Type 16 (FPS) & (P) has been gimped to hell arbitrarily, and from the looks of it, without any care, as said by one of the mods there are no guarantees of it being fixed any time soon.

Few patches ago the premium Stryker were given a new, better shell and had its BR increased.

Like the Wolfpack, Type 16 (FPS) could be given a new shell equivalent to other premium wheeled vehicles and have its BR increased in the process. I don’t have the specifics but surely there is a better alternative to M735 for a 9.3 vehicle. The P variant can also be given a new weaker shell (that is still better than M735) or get a BR decrease as it’s really not fun to play anymore.


Better to get a BR decrease because Japan has nothing really until 11.0, whilst at 9.0 it could be part of a good lineup… it used to be 8.7 initially I think and I really fail to see why it got to 9.3… but with the M735 nerf it should just get 9.0 alongside the Type 74 G as well.