Give players the option to choose air ab gamemode

Most people want to play Ground Strike maps in air arcade. Its arguably the best mode for fighters and Bombers. However with the current Matchmaker regardless of tier, lineup or Nation you get put into Airfield domination maps at least 50% of the time. I tend to leave these matches as soon as i load in, because I DONT WANT TO PLAY DOMINATION, but that rewards me with a 9 minute crew lock because the matchmaker is objectively flawed. Im sure that I am not alone in this sentiment.
Give players the option to chose what mode they want to play ! This simple fix would make the game so much more enjoyable and playable for so many players.

EDIT: i just did some testing and of the last 10 Air AB matches i tried to join all 10 were domination. this is just unacceptable. my lineups went from 2.3 to 10.3 across all nations.


Not knowing the exact nature of your “mission” each time you press the “To Battle” button is part of the game. The map & mode rotation is something that is not specifically supposed to be figured out or manipulated . . . game design. Granted, I know we all have our favourite maps/modes we like to play, and even grinding planes & mods everyone will have preferred ways of doing that. But ideally, you should get a “mix” of the maps and map modes over time(even tho we all know you can see the same maps a great deal from time to time).
Part of a player’s options are the presets, and we can all make line ups we like or want to use for certain things. For pure grinding, I have always found it seems better to make a line up with all the planes in it as close to the same BR as possible. I usually carry mostly fighters, but a good, well rounded line up will also have bombers and attackers. How many, totally up to the individual. I have attacker line ups, and ones that are mostly bombers for doing certain tasks. And that’s all I use them for really. But, 1 - 2 bombers, 1 -2 attackers and the rest fighters works pretty good in general. I can take those line ups and play any map/mode I am given and score ok most of the time.
A lot depends on BR/tier and the maps that go with it, but being “flexible” with your line ups and game play will get you more score, SL’s & RP in the long run. Something to consider, especially since I do not think it very likely that the players will ever get to pick & choose the maps they get to play . . it’s called “Random Battles” for a reason . . anyway, good luck . . hope you can work around it somehow.


Just trying to help . . . .
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Says who? I like different maps for different tasks/ challenges, besides on most domination maps there are quite a few ground targets that actually need to be taken care of before they start capping down airstrips and locking them down.

For the recent capture and hold BP challenge I left all maps that weren’t domination, several times I had up to nine nations on crewlock, then I’ll have a task to bomb bases, I’ll leave domination maps. After that I’ll do maybe a meteor shower special task, any map might do to destroy 78 ground targets with attackers, but I have a strong preference for frontline maps for that task, it’s just so much better.

For the current event anything will do really, though I actually prefer domination for it, the games tend to last a bit longer and you can get a lot of score if the teams are balanced.

Though what I would actually like is at least an option to be able to prioritize what map you might get, not a surefire way to avoid one or the other, just a higher probability to get what you currently want.


The issue with giving players an option to play a certain game leads to that gamemode being the main focus and the others being discarded which will become stale. Many games did this, it wasn’t a smart move. MCC->Map Vote->Issue->Few maps were commonly chosen over other options. Leading to it being stale. It was the same map over and over and over.

Now should the queuing change yes so it does not give you the same mode every time which sometimes it gives you repeats.

I’m pretty sure that map rotation got a lot worse after Gaijin gave the option for players to dislike and ban certain maps. Before that I never saw map rotation as a problem except during events that had a capture n points task and we would always get the single cap version of those maps.

But then again, In Ground Battles for example, for each map we get a single 3 point cap version for 3 different single cap versions so the chance of getting a single cap version is always greater if it’s truly random, they should have set conditions for a normal(3 cap points) map to have the same chance of any of the 3 single cap versions to occur.