Give me my role play in games


I’m writing this topic because I find that the atmosphere in the game is getting worse and worse since 2015, before there was much more team play, now it’s every man for himself and Team kill en masse for those who have something they don’t like.

My proposal is simple: modify the multipliers according to aircraft type more frankly than they are now (if there are any), here’s an example:
(in the example we’ll take 100% of the points earned by performing the action below)

-1 base bomber = 100%.
-1 ground target = 75%.
-1 aircraft kill = 30%.

strike aircraft:
-1 base bombing = 75%.
-1 ground target = 100%.
-1 airplane kill = 30%

-1 Base bombing = 20%
-1 ground target = 30%
-1 aircraft kill = 100%.

-Remove damage done to bases by rockets.
-Place ground targets more intelligently and not in the center of the map (having the largest maps in the game but concentrating them on 2Km² sucks).
-Reinstate a more substantial ticket deduction when destroying a base, as it’s more team play.

Introduced a bonus skill not for the kill but for the action of killing a player.

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this is an example:
-Fighter aircraft: 2 players Kills, 3 players Kills, 4 players Kills
-Strike aircraft: 5 ground targets, 10 ground targets, 20 ground targets
-Bomber: 2 tons of bombs, 3.5 tons of bombs, 4.5 tons of bombs


lol. Lemme guess, you mostly play fighters don’t you?

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I play all types of plane, and when I’m in Bombardier or Attack, there’s nothing worse than an F4 or a J35 which does the bases with rockets and you have to wait for a while to respawn. too long, and this same gas which only goes back and forth with it’s rocket and which does not attack enemy planes, ruins the game play…

It could be a useful mechanic. It may attract more players to use bombers or strike aircrafts in their intended role.

By nerfing their rewards? I doubt that.

Needs some changes but more reward for base bombing is a good feature

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we need to find a solution to encourage players to play their aircraft in their role and thus avoid games where you wait 4 minutes for the bases to respawn.


Yeah… GLWT…

So I don’t agree that the F4 has a lot of qualities, but it’s frustrating to be in a ground-attack plane or bomber and no longer have any bases because two F4s have destroyed all the bases, and to be an easy target because enemy radar can spot you while you’re waiting for them to reappear.
This proposal is there to give targets to everyone and stop the frustration and stupid messages like “you should have been faster”, and also to stop having ground targets grouped in the center of the map over 2 km², and have them spread out over the whole map.

If by ground attack you mean the premium attacker then their role isn’t to hit bases, it’s to hit ai unit.

For bomber like tornado, Idk about it, but phantom is not a full fledged fighter either, it’s a multirole.

sorry, but I see more a ground attack aircraft tapping bases than F4s which should suport the ground attack aircraft than steal bases and troll you afterwards…

Su-25 should hit AI unit, not bases, sorry not sorry that the fighter bomber bombed the bases instead of the dingus attacker.

The Su-25 is not a fighter-bomber but a ground-attack aircraft, and I’m not criticizing the fact that they face the bases, but that aircraft considered to be fighters face them. Fighters should confine themselves to hunting, or even bombing at the end of the game, but at the start of the game these same bases should be for bombing and ground attack.